Tusa Visio Pro Review

Tusa have created a mask that really makes you appreciate the value and beauty a top quality mask can bring to your dive.

Tusa are a brilliant dive equipment manufacturer – this is my go to dive mask! I know how important it is to make sure I have a good mask to hand that’s quick to adjust but offers rivaled quality of vision. The Tusa Visio pro is an all rounder in my eyes.

In this review, I’ll be taking a look at the Tusa Visio Pro mask, and why I think it might be one of your best choices for safe diving all over the world.

Specs/Technical Info

Perfect For: For Passionate Divers that Prefer Comfort Over Everything - Pro & Newbie Divers Alike

Unboxing the Tusa Visio Pro

The Tusa Visio pro mask is a pretty imposing piece of diving kit when you first look at it! It’s cool two piece chrome frame stands out but it isn’s this space age like feature that makes it my go-to.

It’s a single window mask, which means that you can immediately tell you’re getting a wider field of vision. This is a feature which I will never underestimate in diving. Having that wide, uninterrupted view is a must. It helps in terms of safety, but also to allow you to see the “bigger picture” when viewing the beauty that diving brings.

What I also like about this mask is the fact that the skirt mounted quick adjust buckle is very easy to use, and this skirting is nicely rounded so that you can expect it to fit easier and remain in a comfortable position.

Even just looking at the mask, you can tell that it benefits from solid manufacturing. It’s neat and tidy. It is a single window mask that’s going to take more than a little bit of a beating. It hasn’t let me down after hundreds of dives.

However, to really get the best out of the Tusa Visio Pro mask, I really recommend trying it on and testing its performance.


Fantastic Vision

It’s pretty safe to say that you get a ton of eye protection without sacrificing light transmission with the Tusa Visio Pro.

That’s not always easy to come by, meaning that if you have already struggled to find a good mask for maximum vision in the past, this might just tick the right boxes for you. in Thailand and it blew my mind.

I’ve been lucky enough to use my Tusa Visio Pro in some beautiful dive sites across Thailand. In fact, I first tried this mask in 2019 when I went out on the boat to dive and, somehow, left my Aqualung Look mask in the equipment room! Luckily, one of the other instructors had a Visio Pro as a spare which he was happy to lend me.

I remember taking that first look through it before descending down onto Chumphon Pinnacle and I was completely mind blown at the clarity and vibrancy of the Crystalview optical glass lens compared to other masks.

I floated around Chumphon dive site thinking why had I not tried this mask sooner! It really did open up my eyes to the value a good quality mask can bring.

Really Comfortable Fit

What I noticed right away when first strapping on the Visio Pro was that it was amazingly easy to adjust.

Finding the right fit in terms of diving masks isn’t always easy. In fact, it’s safer to assume that no models are going to be one size fits all.

However, I was very impressed by the Tusa Visio Pro in the sense that it put up zero fuss when I needed to slacken off or tighten up which I had to do very quickly the first time I used it. The black surgical grade silicone skirt with the mounted quick adjust buckle works wonders, even when I use my dive gloves with it back now in the UK.

The quick adjust buckle system will make sure you are able to fix up your mask on the move, too. Speaking as someone who’s had more than a few struggles with mask fixing on the go in the past, I can safely say this is a major plus.

Great in any Light Conditions

Another problem the Tusa Viso Pro mask seems to remedy pretty quickly is glare.

It benefits from a single anti reflective A R system, meaning that even if you are diving in shallower and brighter environments, you should always be able to see straight ahead. The anti reflective A R system is made up and crafted of up 20 twenty intricate layers that include UV coating.

The marketing for this mask tells us that it benefits from a Crystalview optical glass lens. To me and you, that means it gives a lot of clarity, which is pretty much what you’re looking for in the best diving mask. The Tusa Crystalview optical glass is really next to none. It’s like viewing the world in 5k.

Unsure if the Tusa Visio Pro is the right dive mask for you?

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Personally, I think the Visio Pro is brilliant value for money. I’m so glad that I left my Aqualung Look in that equipment room that day!

Think about what you’re really looking for in a mask. You need a quick adjust buckle system, you need comfort, clarity in your field of vision, and you need protection against glare.

You’ll also need protection against any water coming in and annoying you. There are some reviews suggesting the Visio Pro may not be as airtight as it makes out, but honestly – I have no problems at all.

Take a look at this brilliant diving mask as it’s one of the best value pieces you’ll find online. It’s great for beginners but I think it’ll be a comfortable fit for most divers.

Reasons to Buy

  • Really easy to adjust and fit
  • Very clear viewing window
  • Resistant against intense light, UV and has an anti-reflective A R system.
  • Huge field of view through one single panel
  • A durable, reliable piece of kit

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not much to say against it – some reviews complain of water leakage but I have never found this to be an issue.

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