Best DryRobe Alternatives 2024: My Test & Review

I’ve tested all of the Best DryRobe Alternatives and compared them in this full list. 

Below you’ll find a quick look at three of my favourite changing robes – offering quality, stunning colours or robes on a budget.

Read on for the features of each dry robe alternative or changing robe review.

£100 (with code until tomorrow)
£100 (with code until tomorrow)

Seashell Robes are my top pick alongside my own introduction of Inhabit Robes, but read on for other recycled, budget-changing and stylish dryrobe options.

Looking for a Dryrobe equivalent? I have listed all of the best Dryrobes in my Dryrobe comparison guide below.

Here are robes to use instead of Dryrobe:

Most Popular

Seashell Robe


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  • 100% recycled materials
  • Great fit
  • Beautiful design
  • Snug inner material
  • Isn't cheap but it's quality
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Seashell is my favourite Dryrobe alternative, offering effortless style, a hardy outer layer and an eco-friendly design.

[Updated review in January 2024 due to the new 3.0 robe]

My initial criticism was about the lack of recycled material and colours, but since I have tested out their new 3.0 Seashell robes – with an improved waterproof material (up to 10,000mm), 100% recycled material, a beautiful blue colour and increased GSM for warmth.

Here are ratings on features of the Seashell dryrobe:



Comfort 10
Value 5
Warmth 8
Eco 9

I’ve been lucky enough to test out the Seashell 2.0 robe (pictured below) and the newer version (video below) in blue. It fits nicely with plenty of changing room, a super-soft inner fleece and an all-around great design.

Read the full Seashell Robe review for more details on what’s included with this changing robe.

Top tip: Seashell now sell their “imperfect robes” at a reduced cost and it’s well worth a look!

I'm Katy, author and owner of I am a PADI dive instructor and love to use robes on the boat before a dive or during after snorkelling. I have spent over 2 years testing the best changing robes, trialling over 50 brands.
Supporters of Project Seagrass



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  • Stunning pastel colours
  • Stylish
  • Plants three seagrass seeds
  • Recycled materials
  • The biophilia concept is ingrained into the philosophy
Check Price at Inhabit Store More About Inhabit
Sponsored post. This is a new brand that I have recently launched, using my knowledge and experience from testing all of the best robes for years.

If you’re looking for stylish and colourful options then Inhabit’s Serenity Blue and Endeavour robes are for you.

Biophilia is ingrained deeply into the philosophy, with a mission to help people reconnect with nature and empower their senses. 



Comfort 8
Value 8
Warmth 6
Eco 9

For every Inhabit robe purchase, three seagrass seeds are planted or the equivalent to cover the planting of three seeds (an important wild habitat often overlooked). 

It comes with a beautifully designed logounique pastel colours and a comfortable fit. This is a changing robe to not only help you dry off after a cold water dip but to enjoy as everyday wear. 

Made from recycled material and a smooth outer shell – this robe is a standout compared to the other robes. This is my design and introduction of the ideal DryRobe equivalent, click the image below for more details

If you are into outdoor adventure, then a dry robe will be a great addition to your repertoire

Fourth Element Tidal Robe

  • Recycled materials
  • 100% waterproof with tapered seams
  • Softest fleece lining
  • Peaked hood
  • Hidden toggles for hood
  • No bag to pack away in
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This high-quality and environmentally conscious changing robe is a great investment and is considered the best dry robe alternative by many.

It’s pricey, but this is one bit of gear that will last you years, whatever adventures you take it out on. It resembles a coat more than some of the other changing robes.


Tidal Robe

Comfort 9
Value 3
Warmth 9
Eco 7

Fourth Element is one of the leading brands for scuba dive clothing and waterwear.  They are an innovative company, always looking for new ways to reduce their environmental impact. It’s brands like this that need more support.

I love the soft fleece lining inside my tidal robe, along with the cosy hood with some well-hidden toggles to adjust to suit. 

You’ll be content with easy access to this robe, thanks to the front zip, it also comes with inside pockets for your valuables or products that you wish to keep safe. 

This is one of the most expensive on the list but it’s hard to fault the product, this changing robe and Seashell’s could both pass as stylish coats. 

It was also heaven to throw on after a few dives, helping me warm up nice and quickly.  Find out more in my full Fourth Element Tidal Robe Review. You will even notice their packaging is biodegradable and part of their Ocean Positive range. 

I took mine out recently on a boat trip out into the Bristol Channel, and it kept me protected from the spray of the water, keeping my layers dry. 

Prefer to see the robes in action? I analyse each of the best DryRobe Alternatives in my full YouTube video; check it out as I rate each feature out of five and talk you through my experience with these waterproof robes.


Vivida Puffer Changing Robe

  • Warmer than most
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish as coat
  • Expensive
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Vivida trumps the original Dryrobe, subsequently making it the perfect Dryrobe alternative.

This is a unique swim robe that I have found – it’s luxurious, padded, and quality in every aspect.

It’s super warm and designed more like a coat; you won’t stand out wearing this changing robe, but it will offer you effortless style.

This changing robe is made from 100% post-consumer plastic, making it another eco-friendly choice.

The QuiltedCloud technology makes you feel like you’re on a cloud – with a smooth, soft and comfy feel sure to keep you warm in bad weather, I even tested the heavy-duty robe during a snowy day in the UK, it’s ideal in colder weather. For more details read my Vivida Changing Robe Review.

vivida puffer changing robe in snow

Yes I know they’re not an alternative, but they’re the original DryRobe and they set the bar high. So I felt that it’s only right to show you how they compare to their competitors. 

We all love to route for the underdogs but DryRobe has made its name for a reason- it’s warm, acts as a windbreaker and provides synthetic lambswool lining (vegan). The quick drying robe is a quality design and is a gem for easy changing on the beach or after a race. 

Not only does it have a super-warm fleece lining on the inside but the robe is made from recycled fabrics.

The robe is enjoyed by scuba divers and other watersport lovers alike, it’s an expensive option but it screams quality. It has a wind and waterproof outer shell, a comfy inside and lots of handy pockets including an inner pocket for your mobile phone.

They don’t get much better than the DryRobe Advance long sleeve, an option that cannot go wrong, they are made with top quality, recyclable and insulating materials.

Read my full DryRobe review where I reveal why so many love to use this robe for more than just open water swimming…


Gorilla Robe

  • 100% Recycled Materials
  • Hot Water Bottle Pouch
  • Great Fit
  • No Pouch Bag
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Gorilla Robes is one of the best DryRobe alternatives UK that you’ll find, it’s great value and has made it this far up my list due to the value for money. It is the best value DryRobe alternative that is made from recycled material.

This robe offers an option on a budget yet it is of great quality. It’s waterproof and windproof, it’s made from recycled materials and who doesn’t love kangaroo pockets? This swim robe has a hot water bottle pouch on the front to help warm you up and is the only one doing this, keep your hands toasty on those windy days.

It has long sleeves, an inside pocket, and an inside fleece-lined hood and it’s easy to move around under, ensuring that your towelling robe warms up cold fingers with the inner lining. It’s like a towel dryrobe that absorbs water with its fleece inner material.

The robe is one of many long sleeve robes but it comes with extra features such as the front pouch, a windproof outer layer and taped seams – making it the perfect DryRobe alternative at almost half the price.

The Gorilla Robe is a good option but do bear in mind – it is space-consuming and bulky, which makes it difficult to transport during long hikes.

In my Gorilla Robe review you’ll find out how it got on during my test of it in Anglesey, Wales after a cold wild-swim.


Voited DryCoat


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  • 100% Recycled Materials
  • Feels Like a Sleeping Bag
  • Comes with Pack-Away Pouch
  • Not Cheap
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Voited were a brand that I first came across on Instagram.  They provide outdoor clothing aimed at surfers, campers, van lifers and wild swimmers.  I personally feel they should now add scuba divers to that list too after I enjoyed winter swimming with this robe.

This Voited Outdoor Change Robe is incredibly cosy. It is lightweight and feels a bit like a sleeping bag, but that means it packs down nice and is compact when not in use.

It uses something I had not seen others use, and that is the Teflon EcoElite coating on the outer layer.  It blew my mind when I dived a bit into where this comes from – EcoElite is the very first renewably sourced, plant-based, non-fluorinated fabric treatment! This ensures its waterproof qualities but still allows for a breathable outer shell, the quick-drying material is another plus.

And best of all, it is made from recycled materials (94 recycled bottles to be exact!) and has that handy large internal stash pocket which you can zip up with the double zip closure.

Voited has won me over, massively – check out my full review of the VOITED Outdoor Changing Robe for more information.  They also have an amazing changing poncho – watch this space! 

Use the above “Check Latest Price” button for 15% off your order (this will be automatically deducted at checkout).



Passenger Escapism Sherpa Robe

  • Uses recycled plastic bottles
  • Super comfy to wear
  • Pack bag included
  • Expensive
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Passenger is a popular outdoor brand and for that reason, lots of people opt for this robe, for me – it’s on the pricey side considering all the Dry Robe alternatives now on the market.

But I must say, it comes with a stylish design and could easily be worn as a coat. The swim robe will definitely keep you warm with its thick sherpa fleece lining. Additionally, you will be thrilled to learn that it is made from recycled plastic bottles – 85 of them.

It has a 2-way zip on the change robe making it easy to change discreetly and you can also enjoy peace of mind knowing they have high-end wind-resistant and waterproof technology.

If you are looking for a comfortable sherpa fleece to keep your hands warm then you’ve found it. Find out more in my Passenger Escapism robe review.


Osprey Robe

  • Incredible value for money
  • Well-known surf brand
  • Dries quickly
  • Only one colour
  • If you are happy to pay a bit more money, there are more environmentally friendly robes out there.
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Osprey are a trusted brand, having been part of the outdoor apparel industry for some time now. 

I feel like this changing robe competes very closely with Dryrobe, but at half the price – it’s a great option and one you will feel good in, but it doesn’t match the quality of DryRobe. You cannot moan for the price and it still boasts durability and quality materials.

 It has a similar sherpa fleece fabric lining, long sleeve with velcro cuffs and outer and inner pockets.

It showcases a waterproof and windproof outer, this is a great one for colder environments and really keeps the wind out when your getting changed inside it. It is made with a polyester outer shell and you can almost feel the inner lining wicking away any moisture into the heat insulating pile.

There’s not much more to say about the Osprey changing robe, other than it’s a great choice for all outdoor lovers. Interested in finding out more? Head on over and read my full review of the Osprey changing robe.



The Fourth Element and Seashell robes are super-stylish.

Style is a matter of opinion and most of the changing robes aren’t going to be everyday coats.


The most comfortable is the Fourth Element and Seashell robes. 

They have soft, warm and lightweight inner material with their sherpa design.


After trialling the Regatta changing robe – I can openly say they are decent quality for the price. But if you want one to last, you’d be better off spending on one of my recommended waterproof waterproof long sleeve robe options.

Many outdoor lovers use their robes when wet – putting them on to dry off. You can use them as an instant retreat when getting out of the water, the material will wick away moisture, helping you dry quickly.

It’s essentially used by many as a wearable towel – and it does a great job too.

With that said, no robes should be worn in the water and you should beware of falling in whilst wearing your changing robe, as it would be dangerous to wear in water.

What is a DryRobe Alternative?

A DryRobe alternative is a changing robe – a product created especially to keep you warm, and dry, and provide the perfect option for quick-drying after swimming or other watersports.

DryRobe is one of the most famous changing robe brands, in fact, it’s that reputable that changing robes as a whole are often mistakenly called DryRobes. But with lots of different options you may want to check for the different alternatives to DryRobe.

Is There a Children DryRobe Alternative?

As well as DryRobe’s kid’s range, you can also enjoy DryRobe alternatives in kids’ sizes. 

Red Equipment robe, Gorilla and other equivalents all offer sizes for teenagers and younger.

Passenger vs DryRobe

When comparing Passenger and DryRobe you will find many similarities. Both are vegan brands with warm fleece linings and a waterproof outer. 

Check out this table for an overview of the Passenger vs DryRobe. You can also check out my full review on Passenger’s robe.

Product / BrandThe LookInner MaterialOuter MaterialSizesWeightOther FeaturesPrice
PassengerPassenger Changing RobeRecycled Sherpa Fleece Lining100% Recycled PolyesterXS, S, M, L, XL1.4kg- They Plant Trees For Each Purchase - 2 Way Zipsdownload
DryRobeDryRobe AdvanceSynthetic Lambswool Lining100% PolyesterKids, S, M, L, XL1.3kg- Carbon Neutral - 2 Way Zipdownload

It can be difficult to separate the two when looking online, after trying them for myself I’d say the main differences are as follows. 

The DryRobe:

  • Has more sizes for children
  • Is slightly longer lasting
  • Easier to find at online stores


  • A nicer style
  • More comfy
  • Cheaper than other big brands

Are Regatta Changing Robes Any Good?

After trialling the Regatta changing robe – I can openly say they are decent quality for the price. But if you want one to last, you’d be better off spending on one of my recommended waterproof waterproof long sleeve robe options.

The Regatta robe offers great value but is beaten in almost every department by my top-rated alternatives to Dryrobe, in my list.

Can I Wear a DryRobe as a Coat?

What started off as a seaside trend has now caught on in cities, with many robe owners wearing their robes as coats

Although probably not suitable to wear anytime, anywhere – they are versatile essentials. I often wear my robe for outdoor walks during bad weather and have seen plenty of dog-walkers sporting theirs in the rain.

Although initially designed for watersports such as surfing and wild-swimming, they are now ideal for all outdoor lovers and are even considered fashionable. Enjoy your changing robe as a coat, jacket or to help you dry off.

How Often Do I Need to Wash My DryRobe?

DryRobes can go months without being washed even when worn in bad weather, as long as you maintain them. They are wipe-clean – allowing you to wet a cloth and give them a simple wipe over. 

Follow the instructions when washing to make sure you do not damage your product.

Other DryRobe Alternatives You May Like

If you feel I may have missed a robe then be sure to get in contact – but here are some that I loved but they didn’t quite make it to my list:

What Option is the Most Affordable?

There are two affordable changing robes with the Osprey Robe and the Gorilla Robes

Osprey is a slightly cheaper DryRobe alternative but that’s because Gorilla Robes is produced from recycled materials – this makes Gorilla the cheapest recycled option.

What are Changing Robes For?

Stay warm, dry, and comfortable without hassle with the best DryRobes and Dry Robe alternatives. If you do open-water swimming, diving or other outdoor water activities, then you will want to take a look at the options.

I have been wild swimming and scuba diving for years now, and I can’t believe that it’s taken me so long to become acquainted with changing robes.

You can use DryRobes to keep you warm before and after:

  • Paddleboarding
  • Surfing
  • Kayaking
  • Wakeboarding
  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Hiking
  • Beach Walks
  • Sea Swim Races
  • All Other Outdoor Swimming

Other Names For Changing Robes

There are plenty of different names for DryRobes and changing robes, here’s just a few:

  • Surf Robes
  • Towelling Robe
  • Changing Towel
  • Surf Poncho
  • Swim Robes
  • DryRobes
  • DryRobe Alternatives
  • DryRobe Alternative
  • Dry Robes
  • Change Robes
  • Passenger Robes
  • Changing Robes
  • Wet Robes
  • DryRobe Equivalent
  • Best Swim Robes
  • Best Surf Robes
  • Best Robes for Swimmers
  • Wild Swim Robes

What is the Point of a DryRobe?

Seashell changing robe dryrobe wild swimming

Changing robes are practical for those that like to get outdoors, whether you enjoy the beach, casual walks or watersports. They were initially created to be able to change inside the robe before and after watersports.

Here are some of the purposes of a DryRobe or changing robe:

Keeps You Warm

Essentially DryRobes and other changing robes are big, comfortable coats that have been designed for a specific purpose, their design of windproof, waterproof features and a fleece inner lining goes a long way when you climb out of the water after enjoying outdoor swimming.

Dry Faster

The clue is in the name, if you are hoping to remain waterside, then stay dry with the swim robe but you can also dry fast after leaving the water, many of the top brands including the DryRobe brand have natural highly absorbent material

You can leave your towel in the car if you wish and dry in the robe, you will be protected from the elements and the inner lining will help you dry.

Keep Your Decency in Tact

Getting changed to go and sea swim or endure cold water exposure like Wim Hof isn’t as easy as you’d think and I am talking about the changing alone. Rather than asking somebody to conceal you decency with a towel, simply change under the robe and replace your wet clothing. 

Changing robes are made oversized to allow you room to change in the robe without revealing yourself.

Quick Change

Not only do you get to retain your modesty but you’ll also be able to change much quicker, there have been many times that cold hands have prevented me from changing smoothly and privately but the robe makes changing a doddle, they’re not difficult to use and certainly eliminate any stress.

Get changed as you take the changing rooms with you as you change next to the open water and get ready to drive home.

I have had to change in a car park before my cold water dives in the UK and I can honestly say the robes have made a huge difference to my dives. 

How to Choose a Good DryRobe or Changing Robe

When searching for the best changing robe, there are many factors to take into consideration:

  • Eco Credentials: There are recycled options out there that use plastic or recycled materials to craft the robe.
  • Donations: Robes such as Inhabit donate to important habitats such as Project Seagrass.
  • Inner Fleece: All of the good robes have inner fleece, choose one with the best material to suit you.
  • Waterproof & Windproof: Most changing robes will come with windproof and waterproof features, protecting you from the elements.
  • 2-Way Zip: For ease of changing, you will want a 2-way zip, preferably a YKK zip.
  • Colours: We have seen the same old colours for too long, I prefer colourful designs – search the options for the best colours for robes.
  • Easy to Carry: Robes with compression straps, or that are easy to fold up, and some even have carry bags.
  • Useful Pockets: Keep your valuables nearby, in a waterproof pocket. Find options with safe, zip pockets.
  • Quality: Often, you get what you pay for. Look for the best quality materials and a reputable brand that love what they do.

Moonwrap vs Dryrobe

The Dryrobe is the original changing robe for a reason, despite a number of Dryrobe dupes and Dryrobe alternatives they are still one of the best brands on the market. 

When it comes to Moonwrap vs Dryrobe – Dryrobe wins!

Dryrobe is warmer, eco-friendly and will last longer. It’s a hardy design whereas Moonwrap isn’t. Moonwrap is cheaper and lighter weight but overall Dryrobe is the choice for most.

But let’s not completely count Moonwrap out – they did feature in my top 10 list before the introduction of new brands. They offer great value for money, but they cannot compete with Dryrobe or other top alternatives.

DryRobe Sale

It’s rare to find a DryRobe sale on – but you will occasionally find a deal on their official site and the best-priced robes on Amazon.

Unfortunately, there’s no DryRobe outlet, but you can enjoy the sales and discounts on DryRobe alternatives.

Use my code KATY15 on Voited for a 15% discount. Or you can enjoy an exclusive offer at using HOME20.

All the changing robes in this review are my top choices, I have trialled and researched all robes. Some of the robes have been given to me for free in order to thoroughly test them, this has not affected my judgement and I hope my objective take makes your life easier when making a choice.
I have also tested a number of robes that didn’t make it onto this list.

Summary - Is a DryRobe Worth It?

Changing robes have completely changed my outlook on cold water swims and getting out in general. 

They help you change in public, keep you warm and dry you quickly.

They’re not cheap and the more expensive robes often provide the best quality – but the good news is that they last for years.

If you want to make getting outdoors a little easier and more comfortable then a changing robe is a must.

Written by Katy

Thank you for reading. I started to share my passion for diving. I am an environmental educator, scientist and now an MSDT diver.

This platform has been made to create, connect and share my knowledge in the world of diving.

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