Best Water Shoes for Divers : My Top 10 Review & Full Guide

Looking for practical water shoes to enjoy the beach in?

Water shoes are essentials for those that dive, kayak or love to hike.

There are lots of reasons to use water shoe designs, they’re not quite a fashion statement but there are some cool designs. Most importantly, you will be able to protect your feet and keep comfortable

The key is preventing the friction that often injures feet and curses you with utter discomfort. This comes from the sand and salt water, that’s why more and more divers are now looking towards water shoes for the beach.


Best Water Shoes

  • Crocs Swiftwater Mesh
  • Merrell All Out Blaze
  • Aleader Aqua
  • Speedo Surfwalker 3.0
  • Sport N Water
  • Speedo Men’s Seaside 5.0
  • Adidas Terrex
  • Vibram Signa
  • Teva Omnium
  • Mishansha Water Shoe

Top 10 Water Shoe for Divers

It’s been an emotional journey, water shoes have evolved since the days of bulky, ugly and unpractical designs. You are now able to enjoy lightweight shoes with lots of amazing features, make sure you read my full guide before committing.

Here are some of the features of the best water shoe:

  • Water Drainage Holes
  • Thermal Protection
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

What We Love

What We Don't

It pains me to say it, as I have never been a big advocate of Crocs. But they have the best water shoes for divers and although these are for ‘men’ they actually suit anyone.

Boasting ultimate comfort and a lightweight design, they are perfect to slip on and off before changing into your diving kit. They have a breathable mesh upper ensuring your feet remain cool.

Many have used the Crocs Men’s Swiftwater Mesh slip on shoes for paddleboarding and other water sports, which confirms how durable and waterproof these textile shoes can be. They are resilient and of course, they dry quick. 

If you’d like to keep your feet safe from blisters, friction and overall pain, then consider these quick drying aqua water shoe by Crocs. 

They feel like walking on clouds, they may not be the most stylish, but who cares? We’re on a beach, not a cat walk.


What We Love

What We Don't

Looking for added protection?

Merrell are a renowned hiking brand and for that reason, they are well-versed in offering comfortable and protective footwear. Designing something to keep you comfy on sand was a breeze for this huge outfit. These are the best water shoes for men and even have premium neoprene for protection and fast drying.

What’s great about Merrell Water Shoes? They have incredible grip and are able to endure lots of weather conditions and terrain. These effortlessly withstand the sea and sand. I also noticed that they are easy to clean and don’t get much sand stuck in the shoe itself.

They have been labelled as Men’s water shoe, but I think these also work fine for women, as long as you like the style.

Wet conditions or dry weather, these shoes are super-comfortable and ideal for all surfaces. Enjoy the grip on slippery surfaces and utilise them during water activities. Remain safe with the fully-functional water shoe that comes with excellent traction for all terrain.



What We Love

What We Don't

This is a selection for the ladies. If you want to enjoy protective footwear that is super-lightweight and stylish, then check out these.

The name Aleader seems apt for these, they are leaders in the industry and have a breathable construction and quick-drying mesh. It is an open mesh that ensures they remain breathable, that also allows for excellent drainage.

If you prefer more sports shoes than water sandal shoes then these are for you.

They do the job, are nice on the eye and are affordable. They come in a secure fit and although not as tight as aqua socks they do feel lightweight and comfy. 



What We Love

What We Don't

Effortlessly slip on these water shoes by Speedo. 

Another experienced brand that knows how to protect you on sandy beaches. These have lots of colour options for both men and women. 

They dry super-quick and also let no sand in at all. These shoes are breathable, fitted and expand with the stretchy material. 

The downfall of these shoes has to be in relation to the sole, it’s solid enough but it isn’t the most durable. These will be a great option for a few months, but if you’re wearing them daily then you won’t get much longer out of them.

It’s a good job that they are affordable for a great price at Amazon. Click the button above and find out more about these ideal aqua shoes for the wet and dry.




What We Love

What We Don't

I’m proud of this find, you can buy these water shoes for under £10.

They aren’t a well-known brand but they have created lightweight and elegant shoes. They come in 26 different colours.

Effortlessly fasten them to fit snugly, simply using the toggle to tighten them. They also have a waterproof design and lots of grip.

This water shoe has flown under the radar, despite the air mesh, bungee lacing and outer fabric perfect for all conditions. Although they’re priced for those with a low budget, you can still enjoy dry feet and comfortable footwear.



What We Love

What We Don't

The Speedo Seaside Lace are highly celebrated for being fast drying, perfect foot protection and sturdy grip outsole. 

They’re not ideal for the long tail boat for scuba divers like myself but they serve a bigger purpose, keep your feet dry, extremely comfortable and protected. You are able to hike in this reinforced water shoe choice.

The Shoe Speedo men’s is one of the best water shoe options and all-rounders for all conditions. They have great quick dry features making them ideal.

But if you’re somebody that loves hiking, diving and kayaking then these are durable shoes. They have a solid rubber sole, lacing system fastening and a breathable fabric.

Pick Speedo men’s or women’s with the Seaside Lace, a popular choice for a reason.



What We Love

What We Don't

Is there anything Adidas can’t do? 

These water shoes are similar to the Speedo Surfwalkers and look more like sports shoes. You can make the most of the slip on style, allowing you easily slip them on and off when needed. This has been perfect for me on the beach or before setting off for a dive.

They’re compact, lightweight and fit nicely. These Adidas shoes prevent any sand getting in and also boast ‘effective moisture management’- in other words they dry quick and are resistant to salt water.

If you want breathable, comfy and lightweight shoes then check out these Adidas water shoes at Amazon. 


What We Love

What We Don't

Vibram are known for their attention to detail. This pair of Athletic Water Shoe have been innovatively designed for boats and to keep water at bay. 

They will dry quick, prevent friction burns and are super-comfortable. This famous brand are renowned for foot health. They make it so that your feet can thrive, rather than heel striking, they create a “bare-foot” style

Get all the benefits of barefoot walking with the added protection. These are stylish and also great for walks, runs and even the gym too. 

Sure to last and withstand all weather with quick dry features. You will be using these for more than the boat.



What We Love

What We Don't

Are you searching for basic yet comfortable water shoes?

These water shoes have a comfortable and thick rubber sole that is 1.5 inches. It keeps your feet from the sand and takes pressure of walking. The main facet to these sandals is that they provide a timeless classic look that’s perfect for the beach

They may not look it, but they are quick dry meaning you can get them wet without worry.

These offer a lot of footwear for the money, you can make this one-off buy and not worry about needing any water shoes or sandals for a long time. 

Regarded the best shoes in this price-range..



What We Love

What We Don't

I was completely shocked to find these at such a great price. I haven’t personally tried them, but I have carried out thorough research and spoken to people that enjoy these water shoes. 

Get them for under £20. They are available throughout the UK and US. If you want slip-on water shoes with a trainer style, these are for you.

They come complete with toggle fastening, different colour choices and they are extremely lightweight


Water Shoes: KJD Buying Guide

How to choose the best water shoes? It’s no easy feat (no pun intended)… 

But I have done all the hard work for you, allowing you to effortlessly browse the best water shoes here. Read on to find out more about things to look for, before making a purchase. 

Features to look out for:

  •  Size – You can order your usual shoe size, they should be well-fitted and tight. Keeping your feet in a secure fit, even when they’re water logged they will offer support and remain comfortable.
  •  Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes – Obviously, you’ll want water shoes that can dry quickly. Many of them claim this, but we have picked out the best water shoes, sure to dry. 
  •  Protection – They offer protection, avoid shoes that get sand stuck in them and create friction on your feet. They also enable you to keep safe from slippery rocks, pebbles, wet surfaces and other terrain.
  •  Breathable – It is one thing having quick-drying shoes, but you will also want them to be breathable too. 
  •  Thermal – You want to remain warm and some of the selected shoes have thermal material sure to keep as much heat as possible.
  • Drainage Holes – One aspect of them drying quickly, is to have sufficient drainage. You don’t want water getting stuck.

What Are Water Shoes Best For?

  • Kayaking
  • Diving 
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Hiking

There is lots of use for water shoes and although I’m writing from a diver’s perspective, you can enjoy their features in other water sports. They will keep your feet safe from pebbles and more.

Why are water shoes good for diving? Not everybody will need them, but if you have a lot of sand to walk through, a long tail boat journey or you what multiple use shoes that are waterproof, then they come in very handy!

Can You Swim with Water Shoes?

Yes, although I would recommend that you research the shoes beforehand. Get tight-fitting shoes that have great drainage. They can then be used for swimming or walking in the sea.

Something I’d like to bring to your ATTENTION. You can feel comfortable in water shoes, but not enough so, that you walk on coral and disturb other marine life, please be mindful 🙂

Why Get Water Shoes?

As you can tell, there are plenty of reasons to invest in a good pair of water shoes. You can enjoy unmatched comfort and gain great traction. When walking across sand or other terrain, these shoes will offer protection and are super-lightweight and easy to slip on.

Enjoy a water shoe for wet surfaces during water sports, you can also hike the beach and stay protected against slippery rocks and terrain during water activities. 

A good water shoe comes packed with features from drainage holes, to upper mesh and breathable mesh ensuring that you can still get air to your feet in the hot weather. 

Do Water Shoes Have Good Grip?

Yes – water shoes offer extra grip for the beach, boat or on rocks.

The whole point of having water shoes is to protect your feet, allow them to dry quick and also offer extra grip. Find rubber outsoles and sturdy designs, as you can see from our top choice – crocs men’s swiftwater mesh, there are lots of grippy water shoe options.

My Verdict

By no means are these essential. I wouldn’t put them in my top 10 dive essentials, nonetheless, they are useful and comfortable. There are lots of pros to having good water shoes, including all that we have mentioned above. If you’re on a budget, then I would say leave these for now and buy your dive boots and other gear.

If you are looking for other products that I find invaluable for dive trips, check out my trial and review of the best water backpacks 2020!

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