Tusa Freedom One Review

The TUSA Freedom One mask has proven to be really popular recently – what’s all the buzz about? Offering a technologically advanced mask design, I’d already heard plenty about this modern diving accessory to want to give it a closer look.

TUSA’s Freedom model masks are generally popular thanks to their low friction design, and this particular model already looks the part thanks to its low profile frame construction. But what separates the Freedom One from your typical mask underwater? I took it on myself to check out all the mask features in my local pool to see how it performs.

Perfect For: Any divers who have struggled to find mask features that are not only comfortable, but which also improve their field of view.

Freedom model masks feature lots of facets and fixtures to help you adjust your mask on the move. Personally, I found it amazingly comfortable.  Not only is the comfort impressive, this mask has the ability to interchange the lenses which means that divers that wear glasses have the option of choosing prescriptive lenses!

Unboxing the Tusa Freedom One Mask

On the face of things, the TUSA Freedom One mask looks like any other diving mask system – however, next generation TUSA masks offering the latest in comfort tech often hide their best touches for when you actually put them on!

This particular mask is a two window system, covering your nose, and offers a quick adjust buckle system that’s plain to see from the off – these are not your standard flat mask straps! The skirt fitting line makes for a round edge skirt, which any seasoned diver will tell you is great for pressure release. Keep in mind, I’m referring to the Pro Version M 211S for some of these features!


Fit and Comfort

It makes sense to invest in a diving mask that’s comfortable. Freedom technology, as it’s known, helps to ensure that the Freedom One fits the head’s natural curvature, and with a round edge skirt on the Pro model, there’s significantly less pressure around the face. That’s a really good thing if you’re going to be diving at depths where the pressure increases!

The dimpled skirt surface on this mask also helps to make the fit nice and soft. This is one of the revolutionary new mask features TUSA promises – and honestly, I am not complaining! Skin surface contact is never rough or tight, and stability ridges help to lessen even further discomfort as your dive continues.

I love how compact and unobtrusive this mask feels.

Ease of Fitting and Use

I found it extremely easy to use a snorkel mouthpiece and my regulator with this soft fit mask, and while it snugly fits, the Freedom One mask features impressive strapping to help you adjust the fit before you dive. The quick adjust buckle system technology combined with a 3D mask strap TUSA’s patented design team are well known for make for a mask that’s always easy to get on and off.

It’s a superior fit, but you won’t ever feel as though you are locked into your mask – I guess that’s part of the Freedom technology!

Enhanced Field of Vision

Field of vision, of course, is very important. Beyond the soft fit and round edge skirt technologies, the Pro version of this mask also offers up CrystalView AR UV lenses, which means you get extra colour and light along with a superior fit. This is the same lens that the Tusio Visio Pro has, so I’m quite familiar with how exceptional this is!

Wearing this mask was an absolute joy when it came to taking in all those extra colours – it’s clear to see you get extra visibility and protection against the water when you start diving with the Freedom One. Beyond this, the AR lens treatment means there’s much less glare than you might expect from your average mask.

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Delivering superior fit comfort, the TUSA Freedom One is one scuba diving mask I really think combines a great looking design with genuine comfort and user friendliness. Beyond superior design, it’s a really supple feeling mask, which really helps to bring down that excess skin tension. I spent less time muddling around with my mask with the Freedom One than I might have done with other fits!

The skirt’s softness and dramatically improved seal technology really does help to sell the mask – but honestly, go for the Pro version if you want the best lens treatment and the most clarity. It’s absolutely worth the extra cost.

Reasons to Buy

  • The best build quality TUSA has available
  • Innovative new technology – one of the comfiest masks around
  • Anti reflective A R helps you see further, and more colours than ever
  • Quick adjust buckle system makes for easy setup before and during your adventures
  • High quality materials and frame – keeps the water out!

Reasons to Avoid

  • You may have to pay more for the Pro version to get the best features

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