Best Scuba Fins of 2023: My Review & Test

I take a look at the best scuba diving fins for beginners, advanced divers and those on a budget.

On appearance, you may be unaware exactly how important fins are- but it is vital that you pick the best dive fin for you. This comes down to different factors, including the depth and conditions that you dive.

Read on to hear my thoughts on the best fins and how to decide on buying your favourite scuba diving fins.

If you’re solely searching for the best snorkeling fins, check out my guide and be sure to research before buying. 

  1. Atomic Aquatics Split Fins
  2. Apeks RK3 Fins
  3. Oceanic Vipers
  4. Scubapro Jet 
  5. Scubapro Go
  6. Cressi Frog Plus
  7. Aqua Lung Slingshot
  8. Mares Avanti Quattro Plus
  9. Cressi Ara
  10. Mares x Stream
Looking to find the best pair of scuba diving fins to help you effortlessly glide through the water? 

Best Scuba Diving Fins

With so many quality fins for divers, you’re in luck. I have researched and trialled a range of fins, finding the bests for each diver, but I have to say all 10 pair of fins on this list go the extra mile for your comfort and performance.

All of the brands compiled here are renowned in the diving market, and I have separated the best for beginners, advanced divers and those on a budget.

Atomic Aquatic Split Fins
  • Effortless power
  • Made for precise and technical movements
  • Super comfortable
  • Make you feel as though you're a pro
  • Expensive
  • Not the best for first-timers
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There’s more to the Atomic Aquatic Split Dive Fins than simply looking good. Atomic Aquatics come in a range of stylish colours, offering you lots of choice.

But I wanted to take time to appreciate the professional-build of these split fins, they have ensured that divers of all levels now have control. Moreover, they give you complete control over your direction, as you effortlessly float through the ocean.

You can also check the best prices at the famous site – this site works best for customers outside of the UK.

This style trumps that of the full foot fins, instead, they come with spring straps that can be adjusted for comfort. 

It provides a comfortable foot pocket design that keeps your foot secure during every kick. You will also find side rails throughout the design that ensure a rigid style that softens during the tip for precision.

The split fin has been created to glide through the water with ease. Pick from various colours including yellow, black and pink.

Find out why I feel these fins performed so well in my full Atomic Split Fins: 2023 Review.


Apeks RK3 Fins
  • Used by pro divers including the military
  • Perfect for harsh conditions
  • Stylish yet no-nonsense design
  • More expensive than some other choices
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Celebrated as the best by many professional scuba divers, the Apeks RK3 are a fan-favourite.  They are also my personal choice of fins – I have the RK3 HDs (higher density) which are more suited to drysuit diving.

You can find the Apeks at for a great price and they deliver worldwide.

This pair of dive fins are often used by Military, Special Ops and Public Safety Divers, making them the pick for technical divers.

That’s because they’re precise, not only can you effortlessly glide through the sea, but you are equipped for all conditions. Endure harsh environments without kicking up sand and stones, plus you can easily frog kick your way through the ocean.

They’re not full foot fins but they feel just as snug when you adjust the bungee strap to your preference.

The short blade fin and compact design, make them easy to enjoy in caves, wrecks and confined dive sites. Yet, they remain powerful and simple to gain speed in the water thanks to the stiffer fins design. Stiffer fins in my opinion are not for newcomers to the sport.

You can be sure to find these in every best scuba dive fin review, as they’re professional and available at a great price. We also rate these scuba diving fins as the easy to use, they’re simple to adjust and perfect as travel fins.

Read why I love these fins and why I’d recommend them to all dive enthusiasts in the full Apeks RK3 Fins Review & Test.


Oceanic Vipers
  • Perfect as scuba travel fins
  • Great value
  • Super-comfortable and lightweight
  • There are better options for a bigger budget
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A lot of fin for your money, these are the best diving fins for under £100 and the best travel fins to accompany as you jet off to the best dive sites. 

Oceanic Viper fins are ideal for all skill levels, whether you are new to the deep blue or if you’re an experienced explorer. They have are an open heel fin, after testing out the flutter kick in these, I was taken back. 

Possessing a long blade and with the choice of closed heel with no heel strap or open foot style, they provide excellent propulsion. These fins aren’t the best for small areas or overhead sites, due to long style. Yet, I was shocked with how flexible and comfy these Oceanic fins really are, double them up as dive and snorkel fins.

They are a first choice for many of my students and with them being flexible fins they’re easy to adapt to.  If you want to find out more about these fins, make sure you check out my full Oceanic Viper fins review.


Scubapro Jet Fin with Spring Straps
  • Used by military
  • Robust & durable
  • Perfect for tough conditions
  • Really comfortable
  • Not cheap
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Those that enjoy a classic fin, will love the ScubaPro Jet fins. They have a short blade and a robust rubber design. The fin straps stand out on these too, with the bungee strap that shapes to your feet.

The jet blade was introduced over 50-years ago, but this style has been integrated for more than nostalgic reasons. Embrace the reduced drag during the upstroke and increased thrust during the downstroke.

Another great option to buy these esteemed fins is to order from the International store, click here to order from outside the UK.

These scuba diving essentials have an unusual design with an angled fin that is ideal for tough conditions. They work well to fight against or with the current and also propel you with ease.

The propel and glide seamlessly and it’s down to the innovative creation from the well-known ScubaPro fin. A unique type of fin for scuba diving due to the innovative, angled blade. The shape and flexible foot pocket make the design ideal for either bare feet or dive boots. 

Interested in finding out more? You can read my full Scubapro Jet Fins review!


Scubapro Go Travel Fin
  • Perfect to pack as travel fins
  • Lightweight
  • Power-transfer & effortless glide
  • Not too flexible
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Say hello to another improved and innovative ScubaPro design. ScubaPro Go have the most comfortable foot pockets, make sure that you check the size before buying, they’re availble in all sizes.

Those ordering outside of the UK should check out the well-known store.

These beauties have flew under the radar. Do not underestimate these complete all-rounders. They aren’t all singing and all dancing, in terms of looks but they have opted for the classic style. 

There is nothing simple about the technology, relish the maximum power-transfer, effortless glide and a lightweight creation making them easy to travel with.

Go scuba fins come complete with a bungee heel strap that’s easy to adjust and a full bootie foot pocket for comfort, if you have dive boots, you’ll be glad to know they are compatible with these dive fins.

They are great for travelling, but you can find out more by checking out my full Scubapro Go fins review!


No. 6
Cressi Frog Plus Fins
  • Ideal fins for beginners
  • Quality design from robust materials
  • Vented and lightweight
  • Can be a little too flexible
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The Cressi Frog Plus fins are super-comfortable and are the perfect choice for beginners. 

That’s because they are designed with quality materials and are easy to adjust. They have an open-heel and are created for both cold, hot and deep water diving.

I believe that, to make them more comfy, you will want a quality 5mm boot. That is because the complete foot hold is wide.


No. 7
Aqua Lung Slingshot Power Fins
  • Come with power band technology
  • Stylish design & different colours available
  • Great flexibility
  • Not great for shallow dives
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Let’s take a closer look at the open heeled Aqua Lung Slingshot pair. I’m a huge fan of Aqualung and most of my personal equipment is made up of this reputable brand. Aqua Lung are well-known dive gear manufacturers that have been around for a long time.

The Slingshot fins have quick-release fastenings. They’re robust and have been created to last, you will be able to avoid scuffing them.

They contain an impressive technology, a power setting that can be altered. These can be manually tweaked before or during a dive. This option determines how much flex you get on the fins.

The downfall of the aforementioned power bands, is that they can wear over time. But, they are easy to replace and the fins can be used without them.

Enjoy generating effortless power and speed, thanks to the effort-to-speed ratio.


No. 8
Mares Avanti Quattro Plus Fins
  • Lots of colours to choose from
  • Advanced propulsion technology
  • Great for travel
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Best at this price but there are better choices for those with a larger budget
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Mares is one of those far-reaching brands that I tend to see everyone wearing. During My last trip to Thailand, I noticed that most divers would use either Mares or Aqualung open heeled fins.

That is because both brands are reliable, quality and affordable. They have the perfect heel design with adjustable fin straps. 

These fins make for the perfect scuba fins for beginner divers – they are made to last and are also ideal to travel with. You can also buy them direct from the esteemed (perfect for those ordering outside of the UK).

The Mares Avanti Quattro Plus fins are new and improved, with a HiFlex technology and comfy heel straps. They also have four-blade dual material. The blade design is something to check out on this fin, it’s been purposefully created for all conditions and trumps the Mares Avanti blade if you’re a beginner.

As you can see from the picture, they also boast a vented blade.

These fins come in some striking colours, with green, yellow, blue and red options. The illuminated shades aren’t to my taste, but I must say they look cool when seeing someone else in these bright colours underwater. 

You can also check out my review on the Avanti versions of these Mares Quattro fins.


No. 9
  • Durable rubber construction
  • String straps
  • Decreases drag
  • Backstraps start to look worn pretty quick
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Pick from the hard blade and the soft blade options to suit your type of diving. 

The harder version makes it easier to generate maximum power during harsh conditions, whereas the soft blade version’s perfect for teaching students or needing to remain shallow.

These are more open heeled fins that are perfect for hotter climates and cold water diving. They come with heel straps that can be adjusted for a snug fit or slightly looser to ensure no rubbing. 

Cressi always ensure quality designs and these come with Polypropylene. They also come with an easy strap to adjust in your gloves.

A lot of fin for your money with Cressi Ara. 

Up for finding out more about these? Make sure you take a read of my full Cressi Ara fins review!


No. 10
Mares X-Stream Fins
  • Optimised thrust motion
  • Comfortable
  • Effortlessly fast at the surface
  • Don't expect the straps to last a long time
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These modern-looking fins are the Mares X Stream. They are unusual in design and also come with lots of perforation and pockets to prevent water slowing you down. 

Easy to pull on and off, they have also implemented an angled pivoting blade to optimise the thrust. This lessens the difficulty of gliding through the ocean.

The fins are also durable and flexible, plus, these fins are under £100. They seem to be a fusion of full foot fins and open heeled designs as they still contain foot straps. These are the best full foot fins inspired fins on the page, despite being beat by nine other brands.

Need more of a steer? Why not check out my full X Stream fins review!


Open Heel Fins vs Closed Heel Fins

Open-heeled fins are often the preferred choice for scuba divers, especially those that enjoy cold water diving. Although full-foot fins do offer ease of use, they also come with some downsides. 

Open Heel

Open-heeled fins are ideal for scuba divers because they enable you to pair them with diving boots. Easily adjustable and compatible with dive booties, they make for a great choice. 

When cold water diving, dive boots are a must and they can only be used with open-heel fins.

Open heel dive fins can be worn over boots or dive socks, are easy to adjust on the fly and are also easier to custom fit

They are usually more expensive and have more of a drag on the surface.

Full-Foot Fins

Full-foot fins are also referred to as barefoot fins or closed-heel fins and they’re unable to be used with diving boots, meaning that a full foot fin can only be used for warm water diving (anything over 70-degree Fahrenheit/21 Celsius).

Closed heel fins are more affordable and are easy to slip on and off without any need to adjust, but that can also be a negative aspect of these scuba diving fins. With that said, they do make great snorkel fins with little drag at the surface, they’re usually less bulky and you may not need to keep your feet warm, this all depends on where you plan to dive.

It’s important to ensure that you get the right fit with these fins, as you’ll be unable to alter the size or fit.

What are the Best Split Fins?

Here are my top three best split fins for both snorkeling and scuba diving:

  1. Atomic Aquatic Split Fins
  2.  Tusa SF15 X-pert
  3. Scubapro Twin Jet Fins

The best split fins are the Atomic Aquatics Split Fin. As you can see from my full scuba fins list, my favourite split fins also top all of the best scuba fins. 

Split fins are becoming more popular, they are shaped like a fish fin. This is to allow effortless propulsion and it also reduces the drag through the sea. Travel through the water with speed and no need to exert yourself.

If you prefer harder blades, then split fins are not for you. You may find them too soft and floppy, although this comes down to how you swim and getting used to them.

What Are the Best Scuba Fins for Travel?

The best travel scuba fins are Oceanic Vipers. Fins that are lightweight and easy to slip on and off are the best to take with you on your travels. 

Other great travel fins from this list include Mares Avanti Quattro Plus and Apeks RK3 fins.

Scubapro Go Travel Fin
  • Perfect to pack as travel fins
  • Lightweight
  • Power-transfer & effortless glide
  • Not too flexible
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Split Fins vs Blade Fins

The right pair of split fins make moving through water effortless, you can propel to the surface and reduce drag. Blade fins on the other hand, are best for professional divers or those that dive in strong conditions. 

Split fins make it easy to move in the water, propel and upstroke. The split fin’s opening moves water through it and helps you reserve energy.

With that said, when it comes to stronger conditions and rough currents, it can be harder to kick in split fins. 

Short or Long Blade Diving Fins?

It goes without saying, that short blades are significantly shorter than long blades. Short blades quickly propel you through the water and are usually more solid. You will need to maintain good form and a quick kick-rate.

Whereas the longer blades cover less volume and need less kicking. If you are looking for flexibility, then long blades are for you. They’re not the best for small and shallow dive sites.


Navy Seals wear various scuba fins depending on the job or training. The seals wear the ScubaPro Jet fins during BUDS training. 


My Verdict

Finding the best diving fins isn’t as easy as you may think and that’s why I have provided you with a full review. 

As you can see, I’m a fan of open heeled fins with a good foot pocket fit. Make sure that you take your time choosing essential scuba gear such as your dive fin. Also be sure to take dive travel into consideration, if you travel continents often, you will want lightweight fins to take with you.

Check out the list and find the fins that suit your swimming and diving style. I’m torn between the top two on this list and I also love Aqualung as a brand. I also wanted to give the TUSA Solla fins an honourable mention, I’m yet to get my hands on these but I’ve heard great things from dive buddies and I’m also currently trialling ScubaPro Seawing fins

Before commiting, be sure to hire and try out different brands and styles of fins. When you know your preference, find a pair that you will be sure to love.

Katy Jane

Thank you for reading. I started to share my passion for diving. I am an environmental educator, scientist and now an MSDT diver. This platform has been made to create, connect and share my knowledge in the world of diving.

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