Atomic Aquatics Venom Mask Review

A dive mask should be one of the first pieces of equipment that new divers invest in.  A comfy, well fitting mask will make learning to dive much more enjoyable.

I recently got the chance to play around with several new dive masks and take a closer look at their comfort and performance.  Owning a good dive mask should be an important part of all divers scuba gear.

One mask that really stood out was the Atomic Venom dive mask, a scuba mask that has hit the market with a storm, and sat in second place in my Best Scuba Masks: My Review & Test article.  It’s time to take a much closer look at this impressive scuba diving mask and why I feel it rates as one of the best frameless masks available.

When looking for the best scuba gear, you’ll also want to be equipped with:


Suitable for new and experienced divers alike, the Atomic Venom is a frameless mask with a single lens.

Specs/Technical Info

  • Rigid silicone skirt
  • Panoramic field of view
  • Easy adjust swivel buckles
  • Single lens Atomic “Wicked” design
  • Uses Gummi Bear UltraSoft Silicone mask strap

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Whether you are a newbie to scuba, or an experienced diver, I’ve tried to reign it down to the top ten dive masks currently on the market.

Unboxing the Atomic Aquatics Venom Frameless Mask

There are two things that stand out upon first meeting the Aquatics Venom frameless; the look and the softness of the skirt.  Dive masks aren’t really the most attractive pieces of equipment, but this one certainly stands out and is easy on the eyes.  

The silicone skirt is super, super soft!  I think this has to be my favourite feature of the Venom mask.  It sits so well on the face and creates a perfect seal which minimises the risk of leakage.  I found even when smiling, the ultrasoft skirt still sat close and tight.  It is actually known as the Gummi Bear Seal!

But it’s not all about the seal.  The Atomic Aquatics Venom frameless mask is built with a Schott Superwite UltraClear glass lens which ensures that up to 96% of available light can reach the eyes.  The underwater world is a colourful environment, and the low profile field of view on this scuba mask really makes viewing it a pleasure.  



One of the most comfortable low volume masks I have tried.  It sits so well on the face and doesn’t pinch anywhere it shouldn’t.  Even after wearing it for long periods of time, the mask leaves no sign of pressure marks on the face or head. Perfect fit!

It’s such a comfy fit and even rivals my Tusa Visio Mask.


This mask makes you feel like you are viewing in 4k quality! It really does deliver a lot of light which shows the true colours of the ocean.  And not only does the colour along with the anti reflective coating arc impress, the frameless, single lens design allows for an ultra wide panoramic view of your surroundings. This is probably one of the best masks for a high quality field of view whilst diving.

Another frameless favourite of mine is the Hollis M1 Mask with beautiful clarity.



I’ve used masks before that are so difficult to adjust during a dive, even without gloves! But the design of the integrated swivel buckles makes adjusting the mask extremely quick and easy – simply squeeze to adjust.  I tried this mask with my dry suit gloves on didn’t have any issues!



It’s quite a heavy mask, but it’s that type of heaviness that makes you feel it is well made.  There is a reinforcing internal frame moulded beneath the skirt which makes it a very robust mask.


Always a good selling point! Although slightly heavier than other masks, the Venom can be easily transported and is durable enough to face even the most challenging of destinations.

Reasons to Buy

  • Fantastic design in simple colour patterns including black red
  • Frameless offering excellent comfort and fit
  • SuperWite glass UltraClear lens provides excellent vision
  • Doesn’t leave a pressure point outline around your face after a long dive

Reasons to Avoid

  • The Atomic isn’t the cheapest mask around!
  • Heavier than most masks

Atomic Aquatic Venom Arc Mask

This dive mask from atomic aquatics is quite possibly one of the best mask currently on the market. They really have gone above and beyond to ensure that diving with this mask is truly enjoyable.

The glass that forms the lens is some of the highest quality available for use in the diving industry, making it a top option for all who want the best view underwater. The lens has been designed with scuba in mind and the glass will withstand the high pressured environments that are encountered whilst diving.

The seal? Easily one of the best I have ever tried! It is extremely comfy and creates a seal and fit that ensures minimal water enters. You can tell that there has been a lot of R&D gone into the design of the Gummi Bear Seal concept. You can smile away underwater without having to remove water from your mask every two minutes!

The silicone skirt only comes in black on the Venom. If you are looking for a clear skirt to enhance your view, as opposed to black, have a look at the regular Atomic Frameless. A clear one may be more preferable for a new diver.

I have quite a small face and sometimes I find my nose feels squashed if I’m wearing a smaller frame. Not with this one, it didn’t look bulky on and the nose pocket fit nicely.

Both the strap and the buckles are comfortable to wear and use, even at depth. No more worrying about loosening the strap too much whilst under the water, the buckles allow for full control over adjustments the the fit.

I have really enjoyed writing a review on this dive mask, and if it wasn’t for my Tusa Vision Pro, this would probably be my go-to scuba mask. I can’t say that I have read any negative reviews on the Venom and I would happily recommend it to new and experienced diver alike.

Katy Jane

Thank you for reading. I started to share my passion for diving. I am an environmental educator, scientist and now an MSDT diver. This platform has been made to create, connect and share my knowledge in the world of diving.

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