Best Bahamas Liveaboard- My 2022 Review & Dive Guide

If you want to find the most beautiful and best Bahamas Liveaboards then check out my list and review below.

Bahamas is a destination known to divers. That’s down to the crystal-clear conditions, diverse shark species and the active work being done to protect the marine environment. In fact, they’ve been making an effort to preserve ocean wildlife and corals since the 1950’s. 

“One-stop booking with a liveaboard makes the entire experience effortless and more enjoyable.”

Bahamas Liveaboards are diving holiday spent on a boat, they enable you to stay right above the dive sites and spend all of your time scuba diving. This is the most efficient way to scuba dive in vast reefs, visit up to 7 sites in one holiday whilst sleeping in on-board accommodation. 

Find out what to expect from a liveaboard trip by checking in on my ultimate liveaboard diving guide

In this Bahamas Liveaboard review, we take a look at the best possible cruises for you to join. The best way to make the most of the islands and be able to see everything, is to use the liveaboard services to your advantage.

Check out the magnificent barrier reefs, blue holes and wrecks

Not sure if diving in the Bahamas is the perfect location for you?

Why not start off by reading my blog on where you can find some of the best diving holidays for more of a steer?


Pictured: Bahamas Master & Indoor Lounge

What We Love

What We Don't

The Bahamas Master is the number one Bahamas Liveaboard with visits to the Tiger Beach, Exuma and more. They have entertainment lounges, private areas and sun decks. Scuba dive your favourite sites in style with up to 20 dives a week.

Do you want to visit the most-sought after islands of Bahamas? The paradise-setting is one that has the most desirable shark diving around. This particular liveaboard diving trip visits places such as Tiger Beach that often sight sharks such as hammerheads, nurse, lemon sharks and bull-sharks.

This liveaboard is packed full of luxuries, with plenty of communal areas, entertainment and storage.


  • Visits Tiger Beach
  • 4 Decks
  • Different Size Rooms
  • 16 Divers & 8 Rooms
  • Controlled Air Con

Pictured: Bahamas Aggressor & Hot Tub

What We Love

What We Don't

The Bahamas Aggressor Liveaboard is a dive boat holiday that visits 3 beautiful locations on this excursion with Exuma Cays, Tiger beach and West End Northern Adventure. It’s a spacious 100ft yacht with up to 5 dives per day available. They have nitrox and scuba diving courses as optional extras.

This is another lavish Bahamas liveaboard for dive enthusiasts. It hosts 14-divers per trip and provides five deluxe rooms. You’ll love the range of luxuries, including the jacuzzi. A variety of meals are served, including local and international cuisines.

The luxury yacht visit Exumas and Cays of Bahamas. Get ready to visit friends such as grouper, barracuda, hammerhead sharks and rays.

Find out more about this yacht in Liveaboard’s booking page of Bahamas Aggressor

  • Trip to Exumas and Cays of Bahamas, West End & Tiger Beach Liveaboard
  • Jacuzzi
  • A Bar
  • 14 Divers & 5 Deluxe Rooms
  • Controlled Air Con

Pictured: Aqua Cat & Communal Area

What We Love

What We Don't

Aqua Cat is a Bahamas Liveaboard that can host up to 30 scuba divers. They have endless dive sites visiting Exuma Cays for the sharks. It’s a world-class catamaran with incredible customer service, private areas on the yacht and food that caters for all.

This spacious yacht can cater for up to 30 guests. There’s a beautiful feel about this boat, with its 11 rooms and bespoke communal areas. 

Wish to enjoy all of the best dive spots in the Bahamas? They have over 200, so you best read our reviews to help you decide your favourites. The Aqua Cat visits Exuma Cays and all of their stunning coral reefs.   

After reading Aqua Cat Reviews, you can see just how celebrated the liveaboard diving is on this boat!

  • Visits Exuma Cays
  • Multiple Decks
  • Sun Lounge
  • 30 Divers 
  • Controlled Air Con

Pictured: Cat Ppalu & Communal Area

What We Love

What We Don't

Cat Ppalu Liveaboard is a 65ft sailing catamaran with chartered trips to Exuma Cays. They have lots of trip options from kayaking, diving and walking once you arrive at sites. This boat also offers up to 19 different dives with blue holes, washing machines and more. 

This holiday has over 40 years experience and is popular for its authenticity. It’s a smaller boat that can host up to 12 guests and is non-diver friendly, allowing others to join on adventures such as kayaking and scenic walks. 

During the Exuma Cays visit, you may see the famous swimming pigs from the beach. Catch sun rays from the front trampoline deck, there are lots of places to relax and the rooms include a single and twin cabin option. 

For more details and images of this beautiful dive boat use the official Cat Ppalu Review

  • Visits Exuma Cays
  • Multiple Decks
  • Sun Lounge
  • 12 Divers 
  • Controlled Air Con

Pictured: Phoenix Liveaboard & Twin Cabin

What We Love

What We Don't

The Phoenix Liveaboard is a Bahamas boat holiday that enables you to breathe, sleep and scuba dive. It is an air-conditioned liveaboard dive boat with a generator, compressor and diving tanks. It is equipped with four cabins, private washrooms and can provide space for 8 scuba divers.

Explore the beauty of the Bahamas with visits to Exuma and New Providence Reef, you will be able to look out for Caribbean Reef Sharks such as Lemon, Bull and Hammerhead Sharks.

The Phoenix is one of the most sought-after liveaboards in the Bahamas. There are over 100 dives to choose from with this chartered trip. You can also enquire into extra dives and scuba diving courses too – maybe you could get out your scuba torch for night dives. With so many to pick from, there are lots of opportunities for more experienced divers too.

If you’re seeking more than an overview and want more images, feedback and details of the Phoenix then use Liveaboard’s full Phoenix Review
  • Visits Exuma Cays
  • Multiple Decks
  • Sun Lounge
  • 8 Divers 
  • Controlled Air Con
The Beautiful Bahamas is the Place to Enjoy Shark Diving. With Over 700 Islands, the Majority of Divers Visit on a Cruise or Liveaboard.
Katy Jane

Best Diving in Bahamas

Tiger Beach

`Appropriately named, Tiger Beach is the home to a number of tiger sharks. That’s not all you’ll be likely spot, you can also look out for gorgeous hammerheads, lemon sharks and more. 

* Best way to dive is via Liveaboards in Bahamas

Location: 20 miles off the coast of Grand Bahama

Species: Mostly tiger sharks. Also find lemon sharks, hammerheads, caribbean reef and nurse sharks.

Visibility: 100 feet/30 metres

Temperature: 65-77 °F (18-25°C)

Andros Wall

With over 200 dive spots in Bahamas, you will never be short of choice. If you want something different, then check out options for wall diving.

The wall reaches depths of 27,000 metres and attracts plenty of vibrant marine life. Not only will you be likely to set your sights on sharks but you can also enjoy smaller fish too. This includes seabass, squid and angelfish.


Location: Andros.

Species: Sharks as well as smaller marine life.

Visibility: 164 feet/50 metres

Temperature: 80 °F (27 °C)

Shark Buoy

A very popular location for divers, the yellow buoy is the indication of the feeding spot. Many from around the globe gather to watch sharks feeding in this area.

It’s certainly a one-off experience. A list of specialities are up for grabs for PADI divers too. 


Location: 1 Hour from New Providence.

Species: Range of sharks.

Visibility: 100 feet/30 metres

Temperature: 82 °F (28 °C)

What You’ll See

By now, you’re well aware that most divers, both beginners and experienced gather to Bahamas for the shark diving. It’s no secret and it’s been a haven for this type of diving for a long time. You are promised a viewing of various species by nature, as Bahamas garners some of the most beautiful sharks in the world. 

You can expect to see tiger, healthy coral reef, nurse, grouper, hammerhead, lemon and other sharks. Also prepare to spot rays, angelfish, butterfly fish and squid.

It isn’t just shark diving, you can check out wrecks, blue holes and walls in Bahamas.

Best Time to Dive in Bahamas?

Fortunately, it’s a place that you can embrace all year round. Nonetheless, here are some important details.

  • Best time for shark diving is between October and January at Tiger Beach
  • For hammerheads at Bimini the best time is between December to March
  • November to May is usually the high season in Bahamas

Why Book a Liveaboard in the Bahamas?


Booking a liveaboard at Bahamas provides the best possible scuba experience, allowing you to visit exclusive dive sites you’d otherwise miss. Not only that but you can enjoy clear conditions, high visibility, coral reefs, wrecks and a long list of marine life. 

Bahamas are known for their pro-active work to keep the seas clean and the sea life healthy. You will be able to dive amongst sharks, fish and some of the most beautiful coral reef. 

Liveaboards isn’t just diving it is the best of the best, as the entire hoiday is centred around diving. This gives you chance to just do what you love with no worries, you can socialise and do a number of dives.

My first real diving experience was on a liveaboard and it really appealed to me. I was lucky enough to enjoy friendly staff, a five-star service and some beautiful dive spots. There’s a real community and you also get to enjoy a lot of dive sites in one-go, that’d otherwise not be possible. 

There are other options to liveaboards, that cost less but you get more value for money booking a liveaboard. Why’s this? Well- you will visit all of the top sites over a matter of days. It would cost a fortune to see this many dive sites all in a week. 

How to Book?

If you want to book the best Bahamas liveaboard, then follow these steps:

  1. Read through the boats that I have listed, they are in order- showing the best first.
  2. You don’t need to commit, but you can see the full details by clicking the “Check on Liveaboard” button.
  3. Take a look at the available dates, the rooms and the destinations.
  4. Simply, check the terms and conditions, once you’re happy you can pay your deposit or settle it in one. 

Booking a liveaboard is easy, maybe too easy. 

The reason I say this, is because there are lots of operatives running. Some that aren’t reliable. I only recommend because they’re the cream of the crop and the most professional in the industry. 

My cruise selections are all placed above.

Bahamas Liveaboard Reviews

Find out what others are saying about Bahamas Liveaboards, we use Tripadvisor to discover more about the cruises.

AquaCat Reviews- Source:

Bahamas Aggressor Review- Source:

What more could you ask for, this is one for the scuba diving bucket list. 

Diving in Bahamas is a dream- and I’m glad that we’ve found all of these options. Find your favourite liveaboard diving right here and you can check out the best deals that we managed to find. 

It’s time to delve deep into the latest Bahamas diving opportunities and enjoy visiting Caribbean Reef Sharks, healthy coral reefs, Blue Hole, Atlantic Ocean and some of the best dive sites in the world.

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