Aqualung i200 Review

A relatively basic dive computer that doesn’t try to complicate things by adding lots of extras.  The Aqualung i200 proves that sometimes basic is better!

What is it about the Aqualung i200 that makes it so popular with divers?

Whether you’ve been on one dive or a hundred dives, it’s safe to say that right dive computer and wrist computer can be fantastic assets.

The Aqualung i200 is a well-reviewed diving computer that attaches easily to your wrist, giving you clear insight into your dive and the all important statistics needed to keep safe. Yes, the Aqua Lung i200 is relatively basic, but sometimes basic is best!

In this review, I’m going to take a look at everything you need to know about this dive computer before you go ahead and buy it!

Perfect For: The Aqualung i200 is great for new divers that are looking to invest in a watch that will guide them through their next few years of underwater exploration.

Unboxing the Aqualung i200

The Aqualung i200 is a great-looking dive watch. Let’s not beat around the bush with this.

While it may be a fairly cheap dive computer in terms of price, the build quality is actually pretty impressive. Most of its best features are hiding behind the display, but it’s nice to find a multi-purpose dive computer that’s easy to use without it being really clunky or cumbersome.

Straight out of the box, you can feel that this diving product is pretty light on the wrist, but the buttons are chunky and obvious enough for you to handle and use when under the water.

When you first power up this product you’ll have access to a simple menu that tells you more about time, depth and more besides.

What I really like about the Aqualung i200 isn’t so much the functionality or the look, but the fact that it’s actually versatile enough to work as a watch for everyday use. Aqua Lung have managed to create a solid piece of dive equipment that you can get away with wearing out of the water too.

I’ve tried a few diving watches during my career and I can safely say that the i200 seems to be designed with comfort out of the water in mind. It’s really easy to get used to and fits well.

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Four Dive Modes

All divers will want to make sure they are tracking the right types of dive they go on.

That’s why it’s great the Aqua Lung i200 breaks things down into four different categories. You’ll be able to switch between nitrox mode, which gives you 100% O2 across two different mixes, free dive, air, and gauge.

The gauge with run timer is particularly useful in many circumstances, but free dive is likely to loosen things up for diving without scuba. For those of us looking to complete basic dives, the operating modes air nitrox will be our go to modes.

It’s easy to switch between these modes, and while there might be some scuba diving computers and trackers out there which go a bit further, this Aqua Lung dive computer does more than enough for the money you pay.

Plus, I can honestly say Aqua Lung are one of the most respected dive equipment brands you can get. They have been on the scene since the invention of scuba and still remain at the forefront of the sport today.

Brilliant Display

I’ve talked a lot about how important your display is when it comes to finding the best dive computer elsewhere. After all, how else are you going to be able to keep track of your dive?

There are some dive computers which, some people may say, go a little overboard. The Aqua Lung i200 gets things just right. It’s the ‘Goldilocks’ of diving watches and computers.

The display is really well organised, meaning you can easily see depth and timing on one screen. It’s also very easy to spot warnings and to take action when you need to.

The backlight is also worth mentioning, particularly as it comes in really handy when your alarm starts going off. I found this computer particularly useful when in full sun, too. It’s amazingly glare resistant.


I also really like the fact that Aqua Lung has built the i200 to be an all-singing, all-dancing data machine.

You can easily use the USB cable provided to connect to your PC or Mac, where you can take data off your watch to share with the DiverLog program.

Divers don’t just care about where they’re going. There are plenty of us who want to relive one or more of our dives with some great stats!

While you can use the great display on the i200 to track data on the move, it’s really simple to track your historic dives through DiverLog. If you want to, you can use this diving computer to store up to 24 different dives on screen. This data is ideal if you’re just wanting to see if you can best a set time, or see how deep you can go.

Unsure if the Aqualung i200 is the right computer for you?

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I really like the Aqua Lung i200 – it’s a solid beginner’s choice and does everything it says on the tin. Aqua Lung are a brand that have refined many dive computer designs and technicalities. They remain one of my favourite scuba equipment brands for a tonne of different reasons.

The i200 is great value for the features you get, and its simple screen makes it ideal for everyday wear and use. You can’t go wrong with this Aqua lung dive computer.

Reasons to Buy

  • Very clear screen and simple functionality for a dive computer
  • Very comfortable and easy to wear outside of the water
  • Simple enough to set up and go! Though, please still read the manual!
  • Great for seasoned and newbie divers
  • User replaceable battery
  • Ideal for use during free dive and nitrox assisted sessions
  • The Aqua Lung i200 captures plenty of data for future analysis, too

Reasons to Avoid

  • Some divers may feel the i200 lacks the features of professional computers

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