Tusa Liberator Plus Mask Review

The TM 5700 Liberator Plus mask, one of TUSA’s most popular diving masks for a long time, really is interesting for a whole host of reasons. We all know that finding a scuba mask that gives us the best vision and clarity is not always easy! That’s why I wanted to look at the Liberator Plus in more detail – what does this scuba diving mask have to offer that others don’t? Is it all about the optical clarity, or is there another reason why this mask is so popular with so many divers?

Let’s take a look at why you might want to make this mask a firm part of your dive gear.

Perfect For: Divers who struggle to find masks that provide optical clarity - especially those who wear glasses or contact lenses, and who might be struggling to see in the deep with a standard mask!

Unboxing the Tusa TM 5700 Liberator Mask

The TUSA Liberator is a carefully crafted mask, and that’s very easy to tell from the get-go. The dual window is nice and wide, and the silicone skirt is nice and tight. From my own experience, a crystal silicone skirt assures a close fit, so I immediately wanted to try this mask on!

Overall, the look of the mask isn’t that fancy and to be fair, it isn’t one of the greatest looking masks in terms of appearance – sorry Tusa! However, it comes in a broad choice of colours and is considered a high fashion choice in many ways, but it’s not bursting with unnecessary features or awkward design points. If anything, it’s one of the simpler TUSA masks out there – and that’s by no means a bad thing.

Of course, the proof is in the wearing and in the diving, so let’s see how high performance the Liberator Plus mask is in the deep.



Wide Vision

I always appreciate a diving mask with a central aim to provide clarity. I remember when I tried my first Tusa mask – my mind was blown at the clarity that was provided. They certainly don’t disappoint. The Tusa Liberator Plus offers more than just fashionable frame colors, with an impressively wide window that lets you see more than a lot of other masks at a similar price.

There may not be the UV lens powers you can expect from fancier TUSA masks, but what’s here will more than suffice for recreational diving on the whole! It’s max vision, low volume design makes it a great mask if field of vision is at the top of your agenda.

Corrective Lenses Adaptability

A major source of pain for divers wearing glasses is, of course, an inability to wear some of the most standard of masks. However, this mask features the option for corrective lenses. Therefore, while getting a precise, comfortable fit as standard, you can also swap in optional RX lenses to make your scuba mask work that little bit harder for you.

This means extra vision in the deep – and maximum flexibility if you know your prescription.

Comfort and Fit

Built with the highest grade crystal silicone, this mask fits exceptionally well. It’ll easily suit both a variety of diving styles as well as a range of comfort levels. Again, the low profile build helps to enhance comfort, making for a snug, custom fit you’ll find hard to get elsewhere at this price.

I experienced very little fatigue and pressure while using this mask – and no matter the choice of frame, you are guaranteed a watertight fit for most faces without any of the annoying friction along the way.

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TUSA is often my first choice for mask technology, and thankfully, this mask TUSA has to offer really does not let me down. It’s low volume, it’s a snug, cosy fit, and it blends high performance with a wide field of vision. Add in several styles and colours, and I genuinely think you have one of the top performing dive masks on the market now. Yes, there are TUSA masks with more features and perhaps even higher performance – but many divers will be very happy with the TUSA TM 5700 Liberator Plus mask, and I’m absolutely one of them.

Reasons to Buy

  • Very comfortable fit overall
  • Fantastic wide front vision
  • Double feather edged skirt – water tight and comfortable on the skin
  • Corrective lenses available for those struggling to find appropriate masks
  • Great performance and a good one for newbies

Reasons to Avoid

  • Doesn’t come with UV or AR protection
  • Some divers may find it to be a cheaper build than most
  • Not the nicest looking mask – but that could just be my opinion!

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