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Can You Scuba Dive With Epilepsy?

Learning to scuba dive and exploring the wonders of the underwater world can be a life changing and therapeutic experience …
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Is Andaman Good for Scuba Diving? 

With its clear waters and diverse ecosystems, the Andaman Islands are indeed a premier destination for scuba enthusiasts. Nestled in …
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Best Diving in Indonesia

Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelagic state, is renowned for its incredible marine biodiversity, hosting some of the planet’s most vibrant …
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Katy Jane Dives

I’m Katy Jane (PADI MSDT), an environmental educator, scientist and now a part-time mermaid.

I have 100s of dives under my belt, and when starting, there weren’t as many resources for tips. I hope my experience can help you with your scuba diving adventures.

Follow my dream journey into the deep blue sea.

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