Tusa Hyflex Switch Fins Review

I’m a big fan of the Tusa dive equipment range. These fins are no exception. Sturdy and reliable, they provide durability, performance and comfort.

The Tusa Hyflex Switch fins, while a bit of a mouthful to say, are quickly becoming some of the most popular fins on the market right now.

In this Tusa Hyflex Switch review, I’ll be taking a look at what it is about these fins that seems to be making scuba diving so much more convenient (and comfortable!) for everybody.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some tech specs.

I was lucky enough to try these in confined water and I was surprisingly impressed.  Tusa aren’t the first brand to spring to mind when we think about fins, but these really are quite underrated.

Specs/Technical Info

Perfect For: The Tusa Hyflex are the ideal pair of fins for those that travel to dive regularly. Extremely lightweight with a removable blade, these take up a tiny amount of space in luggage.

Unboxing the Tusa Hyflex

The Tusa Hyflex Switch is a pretty impressive system. From opening up the box, you’ll get a great glimpse at the main feature of this dive wear, which is the fact that you can split it apart for ease of storage and travel!

It’s a fantastic idea – and not only that, but you can tell that these are high quality fins just by giving them a good knock. The Tusa Hyflex Switch offers a firm build in purimax polyurethane. To you and I, that means these are fins fit for all kinds of heavy duty purpose.

You’ll also notice the universal bungee strap when you open the box. To any seasoned scuba diver, you’ll know that this will generally mean you can get in and out of your fins pretty easy. Bungee straps on fins are a must in my eyes!

Regardless of fit, the size and scope of the foot pocket seems pretty comfy, and the blades are designed for maximum power use. It really does show – though that’s not always easy to spot unless you know what you’re looking for.


Game Changing for Travel

The Tusa Hyflex Switch fins offer something most other diving fins don’t – a split-apart design.

This means that you can easily separate the heel from the blade and pack them both away. This is great news for anyone likely to travel a lot for scuba diving.

You lose absolutely nothing in terms of foot pocket comfort and blade power this way, either.

Drag Free

Working in combination with the perfect foot pocket, the impressive fin blade design on the Tusa Hyflex Switch fins boast a vortex generator. This might sound a bit technical, but it’s really not.

This just means that your fins have channels built in for water to flow down and through, meaning that you can exert less energy moving yourself through the water ahead. The vortex generator concept is something that we are seeing appear more and more in todays fins.

Combined with the brilliant longevity and design in the blade itself, you can be sure to get maximum power transfer from the Tusa Hyflex. This isn’t always an easy thing to manage, so Tusa have exceeded expectations here.

Bungee Clips for Ease of Adjustment

The bungee strap and clips system installed on the Tusa Hyflex Switch fins allow you to easily fit yourself into them without much of a struggle.

In fact, once you get used to the foot pocket, you may find that the Hyflex Switch fins offer you some of the most adjustable fittings on the market.

Unlike many other types of equipment of this nature, the adjustable strap and clips on the Tusa Hyflex Switch are easy to adjust to individual users. One size no longer fits all, and you can trust us on this feature!


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I think the Tusa Hyflex Switch fins range does really well in most categories, and while they are fairly pricey, you do get a good sense of value for money.

They are comfortable, well made, and are amongst the top fins for power transfer features. Other features such as the easy to adjust bungee strap and clips are key, and I would even recommend these fins for the fin blade look alone, as well as for the lack of fatigue in the feet.

I’ve worn fins before that have had a really uncomfortable foot pocket, leaving marks and indentations in my skin, but the Tusa Hyflex Switch left nothing like that.

If there’s a diver out there who isn’t at least fascinated by the split heel design, I would love to meet them! This is one of your best picks for flexible travel fins you can use again and again and again.

These scuba fins are right up there with the best, we rate them amongst the likes of Apeks RK3 fins and Atomic Aquatic Split Fins.

Reasons to Buy

  • Brilliant power transfer through kicking
  • One of the first fins (I believe) to offer split the heel and blade
  • Really well built and designed to reduce drag
  • Very comfy on the whole
  • Nice and easy to strap in time and time again, will fit most feet


Reasons to Avoid

  • Quite costly, especially for beginners

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