Mares Avanti Quattro Plus Review

What is it about Mares Avanti Quattro fins that make them so popular with so many divers? There are plenty of great scuba fins out there, and I’ve accumulated various Mares equipment over my time diving -which means I was always going to be excited about opening up this particular pair of fins to see how they measure up! Scuba diving with Mares gear normally means you can expect a lot of comfort and stability – but what if you need more blade material, or are likely to be wearing clunky diving boots?

In my full review of the Mares Avanti Quattro, I’ll take a look at why these might be the best fins for recreational diving and more besides. There’s nothing quite like strapping on a new Mares fin – so let’s get to it.

Perfect For: Scuba divers looking for additional support and comfort from their fins than the mainstream - particularly recreational divers who value stability over specific performance standards.

I’d probably recommend these scuba find to most divers who are new to any kind of dive party, or who may be looking for a snug fit that won’t cause foot cramping over time. These fins work wonders for stability and snugness – that doesn’t always make for a very flexible fin – but unlike split fins and other types on the market, the Mares Avanti Quattro has a bit more to offer.

Unboxing the Mares Avanti Quattro Plus Fins

You know that you are always looking at exceptional quality in fin design when you unbox a pair of Mares, and these certainly won’t disappoint. They are great fins to look at, certainly in the sense that you can tell you get a lot of power and strength from the manufacture alone. The bungee straps provided are incredibly flexible, meaning you can expect to easily adjust these no matter your foot size and no matter your comfort needs on dives.

The stabilizing trim tabs technology these fins are famous for are also fairly easy to see from the off, as are the high flex materials. The Avanti Quattro fins look like the sort of new fins that are likely to support you in a wide array of different diving conditions.

It’s good news for beginner divers looking for a great option that’s simple to strap on and handle in the swim of it – but those more experienced divers looking for specialist touches or more blade power may do better looking for a more intensive design. That said, you do get greater thrusting power from these Mares than most options on the market – so let’s take a look at what you can expect as a diver once they’re on your feet.


Extremely Well Balanced

What’s immediately obvious when diving with these scuba fins is the fact that you get more than just a good thrust. You get an impressive level of power behind your kick as well as a lot of flexibility in your ability to move around, even in strong currents. Scuba diving and snorkelling with these Mares is made all the easier thanks to the hi flex material in the manufacture. Ultimately, this lends to long-lasting fins that will withstand a lot of pressure and use. It’s a great value set of fins if you’re looking for a good-all around option – balancing speed, comfort and low effort.

Super Comfortable

The Mares Avanti Quattro Plus fins are also well known for being ergonomic and comfortable. The design to the snug rubber fit of these fins, along with the flexible straps, means that you can easily expect to keep fins on your feet even during high pressure dives and strong current moments. The foot pocket is impressively ergonomic, and is designed to lower leg cramps and general discomfort over time.

Easy to Get on and Off

Of course, you can also expect ease of release from the best Mares fin designs on the market, and the quick release buckles mean you won’t have to spend much time at all getting your fins on and off your feet. That’s more time, then, enjoying the performance whether you are snorkeling or diving down deep. When it comes to the crucial decision of picking the perfect, comfortable fit for new fins, you should always look at user friendliness as a priority. Like all dive gear, I recommend visiting your local shop and try before you buy!

If you are not sure if the Avanti Quattro’s are for you? Give a read of my full list of the Best Dive Fins Review for more of a steer.


In any fin review, Mares is always going to come out on top for my money. The Mares Avanti Quattro Plus offers a lot of flexibility as well as high comfort, though never at the expense of performance or even stability in the deep. Therefore, I can safely say this is a very wise purchase – no matter the price you can expect to pay.

This is a pretty good pick for beginners and recreational divers – more experienced divers might want to look for a more specialised pair like the Apeks RK3’s for example. I’ve had a few students that have opted for this fin as their first equipment purchase and it’s treated them well.

Reasons to Buy

  • Extremely easy to get on and off
  • Impressive balance in power, manoeuvrability and comfort
  • Classic Mares style and engineering
  • Low drag thanks to wide channel
  • Extremely durable and long lasting

Reasons to Avoid

  • No drainage in these fins
  • Heavier than most

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