Gorilla Robe Review

Changing robes have become a must-have for outdoor lovers.

But usually you are left with two choices – an expensive robe for over £100 or a cheap knock-off.

I’m thrilled to tell you that things have changed – Gorilla Robes are amongst the best DryRobe alternatives offering a high-quality, affordable and eco-friendly option.

Find out how Gorilla Robes offer a kangaroo pocket for a hot water bottle to keep you warm and more about their recycled material in this Gorilla Robe review.

Gorilla Robe
  • 100% Recycled Materials
  • Hot Water Bottle Pouch
  • Great Fit
  • No Pouch Bag
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This robe is the best priced robe for those looking to purchase a changing robe made from recycled materials.  

Gorilla Robes is a fantastic DryRobe alternative, offering a recycled robe to keep you warm, dry and comfortable. They’re a great brand offering a quality design, what’s more, they’re a UK-based brand.

You may think you’ve already got a coat and a towel, but trust me when I say it’s not even a comparison. It’s crazy how much difference an essential like this can have on your adventures.

This robe is ideal for anybody that loves outdoor pursuits – you can enjoy walks, wild-swims, scuba diving trips and more with the help of a changing robe.

Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider a robe.

Staying Warm

I love nothing more than getting outside – it often works as my perfect pick-me-up. 

The issue with living in the UK and the price to pay for some of the awesome hikes and wild swimming destinations is that it gets pretty cold.

This robe has got you covered (excuse the pun) – the soft fleece lining is sure to keep you warm.

Something unique about this robe is that it has a big kangaroo pocket specially made for a hot water bottle – sure to warm you up quickly on a cold da.

Getting Dry

Being out in the rain or needing to change out of wet clothes has become an easy task. An ocean dip no longer requires effort – I used to dread getting changed.

Now you can change on the beach without the need to find changing rooms or a toilet – it has a double zip and easy access plus the inside material can dry you even without a towel and there’s enough room to move inside.


Changing Discreetly

Hopping on one foot and trying to keep yourself covered from the entire world isn’t fun – especially when you’re cold. 

Now you can stay covered with this oversized robe – it drops below your knees, has plenty of room to move, a double zip makes it easy to take your swimwear off in privacy and you can do all of this out in the open.

I really can’t imagine going back to life without a robe, seriously, it sometimes is the most simple of things that make all the difference.

Gorilla Robe Features

100% Waterproof Outer Shell

The ultra-durable robe made from recycled plastic bottles has taped seams making it completely waterproof and has a windproof outer layer. So, it doesn’t matter if you are at the summit of your favourite mountain, you won’t be getting wet if you have one of these dry robes.

The outer layer is impressive. It’s thick and hardy, you can immediately tell it will last for years. It’s not as soft as some of the outer layers seen in other changing robes, but I don’t see that being a downfall. You want an outer layer to be tough, you want an outer layer that can take on any conditions and Gorilla Robes outer shell certainly deliver on this.

I’ve already mentioned that this changing robe is made from Eco Recycled Rip-stop Nylon fabric. This is sourced from plastic bottles and all changing robes come with a 12 month guarantee. This is a sure indicator that the brand are certain about the quality of their product.


This robe has numerous pockets to help keep valuables safe and keep your hands warm. It has both outer pockets and an inner pocket. The unique design of the kangaroo pocket allows you to have easy access to your phone for the amazing pictures to want. The huge pouch that is on the front of the robe is the first of the dry robes that is designed like this and makes it a little different look to most of the other brands that look similar.

But this pocket is not only here for your hands, it’s here so that you can carry a hot water bottle inside it. I mean, come on, who thought of this ingenious idea?! With one of these you can say goodbye to cold fingers.


Most companies offer short sleeves or long sleeves when purchasing a dry robe, but Gorilla Robes only do a long sleeve option. 

However, they have integrated some brilliant velcro cuffs into the design which allows for easy adjustment, so you can make them shorter.

They do also provide customers with a poncho option where the sleeves are a little shorter. However, because it is in a poncho style design it isn’t for everyone. Be sure to check out the Gorilla Robes Towelling Robe design before buying it.

Specs and Features

Gorilla Robe vs DryRobe

Gorilla Robes are growing in popularity and are often compared to DryRobe. 

They’re both made from recycled material and boast a waterproof and windproof outer layer.

DryRobe is more expensive but during my test, I noticed the DryRobe is warmer and is known for being durable.

The Gorilla Robe has a hot water bottle front pouch, it’s also a pullover design that goes over your head and comes in nice colours. Gorilla Robe is the most affordable option made from eco-friendly material

You can find other great alternatives to DryRobe with the Seashell Changing Robe, Voited’s Recycled Robe and Red Robe.

Gorilla Robes Discount Code UK

Try Gorilla10 for a discount on your changing robe – you will get 10% off your already well-priced overcoat.

Gorilla Robe Returns

Returns are free, making it easy for you to return products; use their easy-step process that can be found online.

Gorilla Robe Amazon

The robes are available on Amazon but not on Amazon Prime. If you order before 9pm you will get your order shipped on the same day. As for weekend orders they will get shipped on the following Monday. 

You get free 24-hour delivery on orders over £50 and free 48-hour delivery on orders under £50 on their direct website. There is not much difference between ordering on their website and Amazon, both have similar delivery times but it’s cheaper to order from their site with the discount code.

Gorilla Robe
  • 100% Recycled Materials
  • Hot Water Bottle Pouch
  • Great Fit
  • No Pouch Bag
Check Price at Gorilla Robe
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Final Thoughts

Dry robe alternatives are a game-changed and this is the cheapest recycled robe on the market. If you are looking for a list of other cheaper changing robes, head on over and read my Cheapest DryRobe Alternative article.

It’s also the only one to offer a specific pocket for a hot water bottle, something that I’ve been thankful for. 

Some things to take into consideration are that this is space-consuming and bulky – it’s one to throw in our car and use when you won’t be required to carry it far.

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