How Much Does Scuba Diving Cost?

You’re thinking about learning to dive? How exciting!

Let’s take a look at the total cost.

I have made memories sure to last a lifetime- scuba diving beneath and beyond the waves- something that you can’t put a price on.

Imagine this, everytime that you go on holiday, you get to throw on your gear and tick off a dive experience.

But first, you need to get your dive certifications….

How Much Does Scuba Diving Cost?

Scuba Diving costs between £150 ($192) – £450 ($570).

 This depends on the location. I take a look at how much each location costs and the cost of dive gear.

You also have the option to relish the e-learning that PADI provide online. The online course is currently available for £128.55 ($160). This cuts down on classroom time, which is great for holidaymakers, preventing you eating into your time on the beach and sightseeing.

As much as it’s a great addition, in my opinion, it cannot replace the time with an instructor. Connecting with a professional scuba diver is indispensable and you will pick up things that you would otherwise miss out on.

Plus, you will also need to factor the costs of the equipment, pool, certification fees and open water dive. Again, these costs will depend on the location, in the Caribbean you’re likely to pay an additional £250-£300 for the above. In places such as South East Asia, you are likely to add £150-£200 to the e-learning cost with the other requirements we discussed.Scuba 


Once you add dive certifications to your arsenal, you can dive from anywhere in the world. Learn to dive when you get certified and scuba dive around the world. 


The cost all depends, there are numerous factors that play their part. Where are you learning to dive?


You can learn in a number of beautiful locations- Thailand, Indonesia, the U.S, Bahamas, Belize or even in the UK.

Here are things likely to affect the cost of diving:

  • Are you going to become an Open Water Diver? This is a three-day course, that allows you to get certified and scuba dive almost anywhere in the world with a dive buddy.
  • If you’d rather just a one-off experience, it is significantly cheaper to enjoy the Discover Dive, a one-time dive with an instructor.
  • Where are you diving? Thailand is super-cheap whereas the Caribbean is pricier.
  • If you are looking to dive for an ongoing period, it is best to buy equipment. Use my guides to find the best dive gear.
If you have not tried diving yet, make sure you read my blog about what beginners should know about Scuba diving.


How Much Do Scuba Diving Lessons Cost?

As previously mentioned, even if you opt for online course- you will need to pay for the confined pool and open water training. This will cost anywhere from £150 ($192) -£300 ($380) on top of the e-learning.


For specifics on the prices, read on as I take a look at the costs of scuba diving around the world.


Cost of Diving in Thailand

You can learn to dive in Thailand for as little as £290 ($370) for the entire course to become an official open water diver.

Enjoy open water dives once you get certified and enjoy scuba diving the land of smiles. You can make a living out in Thailand as a scuba diver, plus, they have some of the most stunning scuba diving sites.

It’s a sought-after location that continues to boom. One of the attractions is how accessible it is to dive. It’s a great place to Scuba dive but be mindful on professionalism. Regardless of the country that you decide to learn in, you want a top-quality outfit.

I learned in Koh Tao; a beautiful island which is known for affordable PADI courses. I recommend Master Divers, an organised and professional centre with experienced instructors that go the extra-mile.

There are other places available to check out in Thailand- Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi and Khao Lak.

Thailand has a great selection of liveaboards to choose from too.  These are all inclusive package trips lasting from 2 nights – 10 nights plus.  Most of these liveaboards have a team of instructors on board to take you through the courses, as well as some fun diving.

Have a look at my Best Diving in Thailand to find out more.

Cost of Diving in South East Asia

Diving in Malaysia costs £230 for an open water course. Vietnam diving will cost you around £325 ($416).

Obviously, Thailand is in South East Asia, but I also wanted to take some time to appreciate some of the other gems in the region. Vietnam is less appreciated for its diving spectacles, yet you can enjoy lots of amazing dive sites for a great price.

Cost of Diving in Indonesia

Affordable Scuba adventures are available in Indonesia for as little as £310 ($397). This depends on where abouts you visit, you can check out Gili T amongst many other locations.


Cost of Diving in Bahamas

Bahamas is more expensive for diving in contrast to Asia. It will set you back around £545 ($699) but you will be privy to breath-taking views. Bahamas is on the bucket-list for many scuba divers, if you manage to learn here, you are one of few lucky people in the population.

If you're not concerned with costs and want the most breathtaking experience- check out my review of Bahamas Liveaboards.

Cost of Diving in the Caribbean

Costs of diving in Cayman Islands, Cuba and other Caribbean locations will cost a little bit more than the average cost.

Open water courses in the Caribbean range from £400 ($512) – £600 ($769). It may be best to look for reputable companies. Check out Royal Caribbean or visit You are also able to pick out open water course that come with the accommodation.

Cost of Diving in Maldives

The sought-after diving in Maldives is not cheap, but it may be more affordable than you forecasted. You can learn to dive for as little as £467 ($600).

Diving in Florida, US

Florida is a place in the US that many gather to dive. You can dive with sharks and also enjoy a number of well-known dive centres. Completing the Open Water Course in Florida will cost approximately £400 ($550) but you are free to shop around for the best prices.

Diving in Plymouth

Diving in the UK seas isn’t something that many think about. But there are some beautiful sights and dives to enjoy. Diving in Plymouth will cost you £375 ($510).

Also, check out Pembrokeshire in Wales or dive sites in Scotland.

Cost of Dive Gear for Beginners

When choosing to dive and committing to the open water course that PADI provide, you will usually get the gear rental for free.


Once you pass and go on to dive elsewhere, you will incur rental costs each time. It’s exciting to get your own comfortable gear that is yours and is personalised to fit you.


I recommend asking around for trusty second-hand equipment at first but eventually you will want to buy your own. Take a look at my recommendations for best scuba fins, dive computer and BCDs.

How Much Does Scuba Tank Cost?

The Open Water will already take this into account. When paying for a course, you will usually get two full tanks per trip, refreshments and fruit are included as well as gear rental and fuel costs.

How Much Does it Cost to get a Scuba Certification?

Let’s sum it up. As you can see there is a range of costs depending on the area and dive centre. You can get your Open Water with PADI for £240 ($307)- £600 ($769).

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