Treasure Talks Podcast: A Passion for Wildlife

I recently sat down with my boyrfriend, Daniel Treasure, and recorded a podcast with him.  I have to be honest, it was wierd.  We talk all the time, we live together, in fact we pretty much do everything together.  But to have a mic thrown in front of me and to engage in a formal conversation with him was very strange!!

Dan has worked as a freelance writer for years and has recently begun his own podcast and blog page titled Treasure Talks. If you are looking for inspiring stories to listen to, hints and tips on how to work for yourself anywhere in the world, and how to improve your general well being and mind set, I really encourage you to check out his site.

Dan and I met two years ago and have since been lucky enough to live together in Thailand and now in England.  In the podcast, we discuss the various conservation projects that I have been involved in and the importance of educating present and future generations in order for the effective preservation of nature.

Katy Jane

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