OrcaTorch D710 Review

The OrcaTorch D710 dive torch illuminates the underwater world with a maximum output of 3,000 lumens and a beam distance of 240 metres

It’s a powerful light and extended reach make it an essential tool for scuba diving and exploration, enhancing visibility in the darkest depths.

I recently tested the dive light on a trip to the Galapagos Islands to evaluate its performance, curious to see if it would stand up to its reputation for being compact yet powerful.

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When the lovely team at OrcaTorch heard about my trip to the Galapagos Islands, they offered to send me the D710 to test and review. However, this does not impact my review, which is an honest account of my experience with this great dive light.
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OrcaTorch D710 Dive Light
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  • Powerful beam
  • Storage case
  • Alloy push-button
  • Cannot increase beam angle
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Unboxing the D710

OrcaTorch D710 in open case on table showing torch and accessories

I opened the OrcaTorch D710’s carry case to find a complete diving setup: an 21700 5000mAh USB rechargeable Li-ion battery, two Type C USB cables, a lanyard, and three spare O-rings. 

Having everything ready to go is crucial for diving; it means I can dive into the water at any opportunity without delays, ensuring I’m fully prepared for any underwater adventure right from the start. 

This readiness is essential for making the most of each dive, focusing on exploration rather than equipment concerns.

OrcaTorch D710 Brightness

bright light shining on coral reef underwater with yellow coral

The OrcaTorch D710 stands out with its remarkable brightness, offering a maximum output of 3,000 lumens. 

This illumination level is powerful enough to penetrate the darkest underwater environments, ensuring divers can clearly see marine life and navigate through the depths.

It features three power settings, offering versatility with lumens ranging from 1,700 to 400 and burn times from 1hr 40min to 7hr 40min. Its focused 6º beam enhances visibility in specific areas, while the option to momentarily increase brightness to 3,000 lumens is perfect for emergencies or attracting attention. This makes the D710 exceptionally powerful within its category, suitable for various diving needs.

However, if you are looking to enhance your underwater videography or photography portfolio, this narrow beam and the inability to increase the angle may not be ideal particularly on larger subjects.

With a beam distance reaching up to 240 metres, it enhances visibility significantly, making it a reliable tool for a variety of diving conditions – from the Galapagos to the UK.

I found this power level extremely useful in some of the dives I did in the Galapagos; under the illumination of the D710, the complex underwater life and striking rock formations were brought to life. We often searched under small, dark crevices, seeking out the hiding macro life.  I believe this power positions the D710 as a top choice for those seeking exceptional lighting performance during their underwater adventures.

OrcaTorch D710 Construction

close up of orcatorch D710 on table with case in background

The OrcaTorch D710’s construction combines durability and advanced technology, featuring a diamond-grade hard anodised finish for exceptional seawater corrosion resistance and a double-coated toughened glass that withstands high water pressure. 

Crafted from A6061-T6 aluminum with a Mil-Spec Type III hard anodised finish, it’s engineered for resilience against harsh underwater conditions, depth-rated to 150 meters. 

I appreciated it’s robust construction whilst travelling and moving around with it on the dive platform. You can never be too sure that your gear is safe, so the use of durable materials in its build provides peace of mind regarding gear protection.

You can also purchase the D710 from the UK’s authorised dealer DirDirect.com

OrcaTorch D710 Battery

orca torch underwater with sand and blue

The OrcaTorch D710’s 21700 5000mAh rechargeable battery has a Type-C charging port. 

The unique feature of plugging the charging cable directly into the battery itself, eliminating the need for a separate charging dock, was a first for me and incredibly convenient. I could easily recharge it on the dive platform between dives. I never fully depleted the battery on my trips, finding that brief, intermittent charging sessions were perfectly sufficient.

The D710’s battery compartment, protected by triple o-rings, is essential for blocking water entry. The manufacturer advises greasing these o-rings with silicone post-dive to enhance their durability. Despite occasionally skipping this upkeep, I’ve found the D710 remains robust and effective, showcasing its durability even without strict maintenance.

The OrcaTorch D710 comes with several features like a safe lock function, battery level indicator, reverse polarity protection, and intelligent over-heat protection. While I didn’t use it long enough on my dives to trigger the over-heat protection, I can see how it would be invaluable during longer underwater adventures for ensuring safety and prolonging use.

OrcaTorch D710 Price

Priced at about £160, the OrcaTorch D710 is very well priced for its performance

For me, having looked at many dive torches across the spectrum, I’m convinced you can’t beat the value of the D710 if you’re trying to stay under £200. 

Providing essential accessories like spare batteries and a carry case, the OrcaTorch D710 offers great value, reducing the need for extra expenses. Its user-friendly design and affordable cost make it a prime choice for novices in need of a dependable, cost-efficient dive torch for their first underwater explorations.

OrcaTorch D710 VS D700

Comparing the OrcaTorch D710 to the D700, the D710 offers a higher maximum output of 3000 lumens, compared to the D700’s 1700 lumens, providing brighter illumination for diverse diving conditions. 

However, both utilise a 21700 Li-ion battery, ensuring long-lasting performance, and the D700 also shares the Type-C charging port feature to offer convenience.

The D700’s mechanical head rotary switch is highly reliable underwater, a feature the D710 updates with a sealed titanium button for easy operation.  Personally, as I dive with gloves often, I prefer the button feature, it’s quicker and easier to use.

Both models share intelligent over-heat protection, depth rating of 150 meters, and durable construction, but with approximately a small £30 difference in price, I would opt for the brighter torch – the D710.

After testing the D710, I was excited to include it in my Best Dive Torch 2024 Review. Head on over and give it a read to see how it compares to other popular dive lights.

How Many Lumens Do I Need For A Dive Torch?

d710 OrcaTorch on table with dive equipment in background

Determining the ideal lumens for a dive torch depends on the type of diving you plan to do. For general purpose diving, torches ranging from 700 to 1000 lumens offer sufficient illumination

However, for more specialised activities like night diving or exploring deeper, darker environments, you may require a torch with 2000 lumens or more to ensure adequate visibility. Ultimately, the choice should be based on your specific diving conditions and needs.


After thoroughly evaluating the OrcaTorch D710, it stands out for its exceptional brightness, robust construction, and versatility in various diving conditions. Its 3000 lumens peak output, user-friendly design, and comprehensive safety features make it a top choice for divers seeking reliability and high performance.

The only negative I could include is the inability to increase the angle of the beam. However, despite its relatively narrow beam, the D710’s overall utility and affordability position it as a standout dive torch. 

For divers in search of a dependable, powerful and affordable light source, the OrcaTorch D710 proves to be an excellent investment for exploring the underwater world.

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