Galaxy Diver Liveaboard Review

Embarking on a journey with the Galaxy Diver liveaboard in the Galapagos transforms a simple dive trip into an extraordinary adventure

Here, the hidden lives of sharks, Galapagos penguins, marine iguanasmanta rays and more unfold in a vivid display in some of the best dive sites in the world. Surrounded by such marine biodiversity, the Galaxy Diver offers a world-class diving experience that is truly unique and extremely local to the Galapagos Islands. 

What makes the Galaxy Diver not just a journey through the Galapagos, but a deep dive into the heart of Ecuadorian heritage? Stay with us as we unveil the essence of this truly local experience.

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The Galaxy Diver delivers value for money, hospitality and comfort

Starting in late June 2024, the Galaxy Diver will transition exclusively to Naturalist Cruises. 

Divers looking forward to exploring the Galapagos will have the opportunity to embark on the brand new Galaxy Diver II liveaboard. Designed specifically for scuba diving, this next-generation vessel will elevate your Galaxy Diver adventure to unparalleled heights!

The Galaxy Diver liveaboard, a 29-meter (96 ft) vessel renovated in 2022, is designed to accommodate up to 12 guests in 8 spacious, air-conditioned cabins with en-suite bathrooms, ensuring a cozy, intimate experience. 

The boat’s design is perfectly suited for divers, offering easy access to the water, ample space for equipment preparation, and comfortable relaxation areas to discuss the day’s dives. 

Onboard, you’ll find facilities catered to diver needs, including a dive deck and dedicated areas for gear storage and maintenance. The upper deck features large windows for panoramic ocean views, while the lower deck cabins have portholes, connecting you with the marine environment even when you’re indoors. 

The Galaxy Diver’s cruising speed of 8 knots allows for efficient travel between dive sites, maximising your time underwater with the incredible wildlife of the Galapagos, from sharks to manta rays. 

The vessel is Smart Planet certified, achieving a series of set sustainability indicators to ensure impact on the environment is minimal and their actions contribute to a balance between economic growth, environmental protection and social wellbeing.

This liveaboard not only promises eco friendly comfort and convenience but also a heartwarming, Ecuadorian hospitality, making your dive trip an unforgettable journey of discovery.



Air Con



20/7 DAY







This trip, etched in my memory as one of the most unforgettable dive experiences, was enhanced by the vessel’s comfort and the unparalleled expertise of a local captain, crew, and dive guides

Distinguished from other operators in the region, the Galaxy Diver prides itself on being Ecuadorian at heart, offering a genuine insight into the archipelago’s wonders. 

Their local knowledge and passion for the sea made this journey not just a dive trip, but a deep dive into the very soul of the Galapagos.

When I travel, I love to connect with locals to explore the hidden sights and hear the untold stories. And this is exactly what I got from this trip.


Galaxy Diver I Cabins

collage of photos of beds in a cabin on a boat
The comfortable cabins were bright and spacious, a pleasure to rest up in
  • 8 cabins
  • Lower: 4 twin cabins
  • Main: 1 twin/matrimonial cabin
  • Upper: 3 matrimonial cabins

The Galaxy Diver boasts 8 well-appointed cabins designed to comfortably house up to 12 diving enthusiasts

The accommodation options on this exquisite liveaboard cater to a variety of preferences, featuring both Twin Cabins and Matrimonial Cabins. The Twin Cabins, situated on the lower deck, provide flexible sleeping arrangements, ideal for friends or individuals. For couples or those desiring more space, the Matrimonial Cabins on the main and upper decks offer the luxury of larger quarters complemented by great windows that frame the mesmerising Galapagos seascape.

During my stay, I had the pleasure of occupying Cabin 5, a matrimonial cabin, which served as a delightful haven for relaxation and rest.

But every cabin on the Galaxy Diver is a sanctuary of comfort, equipped with modern amenities to ensure a relaxing retreat after a day of underwater exploration. Guests can enjoy the convenience of a private bathroom with hot/cold water, air conditioning for a restful environment and a hairdryer.

Additional features include a safe box for securing valuables, ample closet space for personal belongings, and a speaker system to stay tuned into any announcements or safety alerts.

An exceptional feature that sets the Galaxy Diver apart is the free satellite internet connectivity available throughout the boat, ensuring guests can stay connected with loved ones or share their extraordinary Galapagos experiences in real-time.

Communal Space

photos of people on boat and communal space
Spanning from the sun deck to the lounge, the boat excellently meets the needs of divers.
  • Dining room
  • Lounge
  • Al fresco/Sun deck

The communal spaces aboard the Galaxy Diver are a testament to the thoughtful design of this intimate yet spacious liveaboard. 

Despite its small size compared to some of the other liveaboards in the Galapagos, the boat offers ample communal areas that foster social interactions among divers without feeling crowded. 

From the cozy lounge to the inviting dining area, each space is designed for comfort and camaraderie.

Dining Room

photo of dining area with food saucepans and tables and chairs with windows looking out onto the ocean
The dining room was the perfect place to bond with fellow divers over great food

The dining room on the Galaxy Diver, while cozy and accommodating for our group of 12, was perhaps the one area where the constraints of space were noticeable. 

During breakfast and lunchtime buffets, it became a bit of a dance to navigate around each other, as we all moved to serve ourselves from the delicious array of dishes on offer. While the intimate setting fostered good chat among us, a little extra elbow room could have eased the slight scramble that sometimes ensued as we eagerly anticipated our meals. 

Despite this, the quality of the food and the warmth of the company more than made up for the tight quarters, making each meal a memorable part of our diving adventure.


person talking in front of a tv screen showing a map of a dive site
The lounge served as the epicenter for dive briefings, where anticipation and excitement for the upcoming adventures gathered momentum.

The lounge area aboard the Galaxy Diver was a favorite of mine, blending comfort with functionality

The seats, both comfy and spacious, provided the perfect setting for our daily dive briefings. As the sun began its ascent, we’d gather with coffees in hand, awaiting our Dive Leaders Jorge or Paulo, eager for the rundown on the day’s underwater adventures. 

This space also doubled as our entertainment hub, equipped with a TV for showcasing our day’s captures or enjoying a movie. A selection of games added to the lounge’s appeal, with one memorable evening spent playing poker, beers in hand, enjoying new friendships with fellow divers sharing this once in a lifetime experience. 

Accessibility to the bar through the lounge was a perk, with Juan, our waiter, ensuring we were well-hydrated, adding to the overall warmth and convivial atmosphere of our liveaboard experience.

Al Fresco

The al fresco sun deck on the Galaxy Diver was a true haven of relaxation and natural beauty, offering the perfect blend of comfort and awe-inspiring views.

Spacious and welcoming, it became our preferred spot for unwinding between dives. Juan, ever attentive, ensured we were replenished with snacks and refreshments, complemented by the gentle, cooling breeze that made the equatorial heat all the more bearable. 

Covered to provide essential protection from the intense sun while still affording us panoramic views of the ocean’s expanse and the silhouettes of volcanic islands, it was an idyllic setting for marine life spotting. 

However, the sunsets truly captivated us; witnessing the sky blaze with colour over the enchanted islands from this vantage point was an unforgettable experience, marking some of the most breathtaking sunsets I’ve ever had the privilege to see.

Food and Drink

Regardless of your specific needs or tastes, the chef and their team were always ready and able to accommodate.

The culinary experience aboard the Galaxy Diver was almost as exhilarating as the diving adventures themselves. 

As a vegan, I had some reservations about the variety and quality of food that would be available to me. However, those concerns were quickly dispelled upon my arrival. From the first meal, it was evident that the chef had gone to great lengths to accommodate my dietary requirements, with a substantial portion of the lunchtime buffet catering to vegans.

The chef’s expertise was unmistakable, impressing me meal after meal with dishes that were as delicious as they were diverse. The evening meals and desserts were particularly noteworthy, showcasing a remarkable array of flavours and techniques that kept my taste buds tantalised throughout the trip. The freshness and variety of the food were excellent; not once did we repeat a lunch or dinner menu, ensuring each meal was a unique culinary discovery.

The chef’s effort to source specific vegan ingredients, such as soya, truly stood out, allowing me to enjoy vegan sausages for breakfast and a specially prepared “ham” dish for one of our dinners. While many of the meals were predominantly plant-based, this thoughtful inclusion of vegan alternatives was greatly appreciated and added an extra layer of comfort to my dining experience.

The dedication to providing fresh, varied, and delicious meals made the Galaxy Diver’s food a highlight of the voyage, rivalling the excitement of the underwater explorations.

chef on a boat preparing a meal
The boat owners ensured the ingredients were always fresh by sourcing them locally.

We even had an impromptu cooking lesson given by the chef on preparing ceviche, a quintessential Ecuadorian dish. 

Watching the chef skillfully handle the fresh ingredients, demonstrating the art of curing fish in citrus juices, was both educational and fascinating. This traditional dish, popular along the Pacific coast of Latin America, was then served as a delightful starter to all the guests, embodying the region’s rich culinary heritage.

While I, as a vegan, did not partake in the ceviche, the gesture of sharing this aspect of Ecuadorian culture added a unique and engaging dimension to our culinary journey on board.

photos of waiter making a drink with bowls and jugs
Going that extra mile - the culinary demos were well received by guest on board!

Discussing the culinary delights on the Galaxy Diver would be incomplete without a nod to the beverages and great service that accompanied our meals. 

The selection of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, was commendable, with a special mention to the enjoyable red wine, albeit with a price tag reflective of the unique experience. 

Juan, our ever-vigilant waiter, ensured no glass was left empty and everyone’s preferences were catered to

One evening, he showcased the preparation of Canelazo, a traditional Ecuadorian concoction made from Cana Manabita, a local sugar cane spirit flavoured with cinnamon and naranjilla fruit, offering us a warm and sweet treat.

The unlimited, self-serve coffee was a godsend, especially appreciated before embarking on the day’s first dive.

Deck Plan

map layout of three levels of a boat

The Galaxy Diver has three decks:

  • Upper
  • Main
  • Lower


photos of divers on boat
Diving in the Galápagos was the shared dream that brought us all here, fulfilling the aspirations of every diver on board.
  • Well equipped dive platform
  • Two pangas/Explorer boats
  • Excellent itinerary visiting all the best dive sites in the Galapagos

Diving from the Galaxy Diver is an experience that transcends any other I’ve had before and sets a high benchmark for any future dives

What elevates this liveaboard to a league of its own is the exclusivity it offers at each dive site. Imagine diving in some of the most coveted spots in the world and having them all to yourself – that was our reality for six unforgettable days. This unique privilege, particularly around the fabled Darwin and Wolf Islands, made every plunge into the ocean a personal and intimate encounter with the marine life of the Galapagos.

This exclusivity might be attributed to the Galaxy Diver’s unique Wednesday-to-Wednesday schedule, which cleverly avoids other operators’ itineraries, thus sidestepping other divers. Or maybe we were just really lucky!

Diving in such pristine isolation, where the only bubbles you see are your own, is a rare luxury that made this trip truly exceptional.

The Galapagos Islands offer some of the best diving on the planet. The remoteness and the diverseness of the islands are like nowhere on Earth.

Check out my best diving in Galapagos blog for a better insight into what to expect.

From the onboard amenities to the dive locations, the Galaxy Diver was perfectly outfitted for a safe and streamlined diving experience across the islands. Let’s have a closer look.

Dive Facilities on the Galaxy Diver

photos of a dive platform on a boat with dive equipment
The dive facilities were comprehensive and spacious

The Galaxy Diver boasts a thoughtfully designed dive platform that enhances the diving experience with its spaciousness and comprehensive features.

Undercover for comfort, it includes individual storage compartments for gear, camera charging stations, and a unique heater for warming towels, adding a touch of luxury post-dive.

Additionally, it offers freshwater buckets for delicate equipment and a shower for rinsing off, ensuring everything you need for safe and enjoyable diving is at your fingertips.

The platform’s organisation contributes significantly to the diving day’s smooth flow, with a clearly outlined dive schedule and well-marked emergency equipment.

The Pangas

divers on a small boat with dive equipment
The pangas provided safe and timely transportation to and from the dive sites, ensuring a smooth journey for us all.

The two panga boats accompanying the Galaxy Diver played a crucial role in our dive expeditions, ferrying us to various dive sites while the main vessel remained anchored.

These ribs were not only spacious, making the journey comfortable, but also added an element of excitement to our dive preparation. As we neared each site, we would gear up with fins and masks, poised for the thrilling back roll entry into the water.

Throughout the dives, the pangas kept a vigilant watch over our group, ensuring safety and readiness to assist at any moment.

Galaxy Diver Diving Itinerary

two divers in wetsuit on small boat in front of darwins pillars
The itinerary was one that dreams are made of....

In September 2023, the Galapagos National Park closed off access to Cabo Douglas and Punta Vicente Roca, meaning these sites were replaced within our itinerary for Cabo Marshall and Manta City.

The standard route of the Galaxy Diver is outlined in the map below. 

However, in response to the threat of Bird Flu, which could severely affect bird populations, especially the Galapagos Penguins, the National Park implemented a conservation contingency plan to protect the species on this island.

map with arrows and islands
This map shows the usual route of the Galaxy Diver.

As a result, we were unable to access certain dive sites during our journey. 

I was informed of this at the time of booking with the operators, but regrettably, some divers on board had not been made aware of this and were understandably disappointed upon learning that visits to Fernandina and the North Western side of Isabela were off-limits

It appears these divers had booked through a third-party agency rather than directly with the Galaxy Diver operator, which led to this crucial information not being communicated to them.

photos of scuba divers on a boat and underwater
Our dive group were called The Hammerheads!

That said, I loved the itinerary and felt like I saw so much of the Galapagos during the trip.

Here is the 8 day diving itinerary that we did:

For more information on the above dive sites, please visit my best diving in Galapagos article. 

Galaxy Diver Crew

people on board a boat posing for photo
The crew were always ready to lend a hand, whether that be gearing up for a dive or cleaning our cabins.

From our first interaction with the Galaxy Diver crew at Baltra airport to our final goodbye, their dedication to our happiness and safety was unmatched. It was clear that every crew member, regardless of their role, was committed to ensuring we had the time of our lives. This wasn’t just about doing their jobs; it was about creating an unforgettable experience for each of us.

Their teamwork was exemplary, with every member, including the chef and the captain, pitching in to help us gear up and board the pangas. This level of involvement was not only impressive but also indicative of their collective expertise in diving operations and boat management. They were always there, ensuring everything was in order before we dived and welcoming us back with smiles as we returned.

The near one-to-one ratio of crew to divers meant that attention to detail was paramount. The crew’s keen eyes missed nothing, from a diver’s missing weight belt to ensuring our safe return to the boat. Our panga drivers, especially Carlos, were adept at navigating challenging conditions, always keeping us safe above and below the water. Knowing they were expertly tracking our bubbles provided a comforting layer of security during our dives.

The crew really made the trip special. It was easy to feel like one big family by the end of the week.

Our dive guides, Paulo and Jorge, were outstanding. Their knowledge of the dive sites and ability to anticipate changing conditions meant we were always in the right place at the right time to see the most incredible marine life. They knew the currents, the best spots to hook in, and how to spot incoming pelagics, making each dive a unique adventure. It was almost like they had a sixth sense, they were so in tune with the environment and they were both an absolute pleasure to dive with.

In essence, the crew of the Galaxy Diver transformed our trip into an extraordinary journey. Their professionalism, warmth, and exceptional service from the start to the finish made us feel valued and cared for, turning what could have been just another dive trip into an unforgettable experience.


group on a boat with life jackets for safety briefing
Safety briefing on board.

Upon boarding the Galaxy Diver, the emphasis on safety was immediately clear. We were thoroughly briefed on fire safety and evacuation procedures, including a mandatory drill. Throughout our trip, any safety risks were communicated clearly, ensuring we were all informed and precautions were in place. Underwater, the panga drivers kept a vigilant watch over us.

Dive safety is a big thing for me, and I can confidently say that I felt comfortable at all times, on board the boat and underwater.

Diving in two manageable groups of six with a dedicated dive leader, and knowing both equipment and the vessel were well maintained, instilled a deep sense of security throughout my experience onboard the Galaxy Diver.

To increase our safety in the water, each guest was provided with:

  • An SMB
  • A DiveAlert horn
  • A Nautilus marine rescue GPS 

Choosing a reputable operator and closely following crew instructions and briefings are crucial for liveaboard safety, a critical concern in the diving community. Feeling secure knowing that the Galaxy Diver is directly managed by its owners, rather than through a third party, added a layer of trust and comfort to my experience. 

This direct oversight is a rarity and ensured that safety protocols were not just standard but personalised, reflecting the deep care and commitment of the Galaxy Diver team to their guests’ well-being.

Marine Life

fish and sealions underwater
The Galaxy Diver provided the ideal base to explore the incredible diversity of marine life found across the islands.

Diving from the Galaxy Diver, we immersed ourselves in the Galapagos’ rich marine tapestry, witnessing life in every corner of the archipelago.

The dives were a showcase of the islands’ biodiversity: turtles graced every dive;  Galapagos sharks, White tip reef sharks, schools of hammerheads and dolphins were common sights; and the waters were alive with spotted eagle rays, playful sea lions, oceanic manta rays, and a kaleidoscope of fish species.

Highlights included rare sightings of a whale shark (even out of season) and tiger sharks during our safety stops – these islands really did offer more shark encounters than I ever dreamed possible.

The marine life in the Galapagos is special due to the convergence of three major ocean currents, which bring together a mix of chilly mineral-rich waters, warm water, and cold deep water currents. This unique combination fosters an environment rich in biodiversity and supports endemic species found nowhere else on Earth. The Galapagos Marine Reserve, one of the world’s largest marine protected areas, plays a crucial role in conserving this vibrant ecosystem.

Galaxy Diver Land Trip

photos of giant tortoise on greed grass with person
No visit to the Galapagos is complete without a visit to see the Giant Tortoises.

At the conclusion of our dive journey with Galaxy Diver, we ventured onto Santa Cruz to visit Rancho Primicias, a privately owned Giant Tortoise reserve. 

This vast, open sanctuary allows these ancient creatures to roam freely, offering a striking contrast of lush greenery against the backdrop of the sea’s blue we had grown accustomed to. With Santa Cruz home to 4,000 of the Galápagos’s estimated 20,000 tortoises, Rancho Primicias stands as a testament to the islands’ commitment to wildlife and habitat conservation since its establishment in 1959.

Galaxy Diver II Liveaboard

photos of new big boat of outside and inside bedroom and dining and bar area
And here enters the brand new, designed for scuba diving, Galaxy Diver II.
  • Upper: 4 twin/matrimonial cabins (can also be used as a triple with sofa)
  • Main: 3 twin/matrimonial cabins
  • Lower: 2 twin cabins

Starting in late June 2024, the Galaxy Diver will transition to exclusively offering naturalist cruises and will undergo a name change. 

Taking its place, the Galaxy Diver II will launch, set to be one of the newest and most luxurious vessels navigating the Galapagos Islands, promising an elevated cruising experience to divers from across the world.

After reviewing its technical and safety specifications, along with the deck plan, I’m confident in saying the Galaxy Diver II is set to be an outstanding vessel!

Final Thoughts

person standing on bow of boat with birds
The living laboratory, the place that teaches us about life. There is no other place like it.

Concluding my review, the Galaxy Diver, and its upcoming successor, the Galaxy Diver II, promise incredible and personal diving adventures in the Galapagos. From its exceptional safety measures and amenities to the breathtaking encounters with marine life and exclusive dive sites, these liveaboards offer something truly special. 

My favorite aspect of the Galaxy Diver experience was the genuine touch brought by the local crew and owners who manage everything from bookings to on-board logistics directly. This approach not only enhanced communication and cut costs but also provided a personalised experience that you wouldn’t find on other liveaboards

The anticipation of experiencing the Galapagos aboard the Galaxy Diver II, with its state-of-the-art design and opulent features, is genuinely exciting. For those eager to embark on this magnificent journey, further details and bookings can be arranged through contact on my Facebook page. I can whole heartedly say, this is more than just a dive trip; it’s the adventure of a lifetime waiting to be discovered.

Galaxy Diver FAQ's

For a standard 8 day/7 night trip the price is around £5,500- £6,000.  If you want to explore cheaper rates, reach out to me!

The Galaxy Diver requires guests to have logged a minimum of 50 dives.

Yes, scuba diving in the Galapagos is challenging due to the currents and surges experienced at many sites.

Please only book a liveaboard trip if you are an experienced diver.

Yes you can rent dive equipment on the Galaxy Diver.

Here are the costs:

  • 15L tanks80 USD
  • BCD75 USD
  • Dive Computer70 USD
  • Dive Light15 USD per day
  • Fins40 USD
  • Full Equipment (with: BCD, Fins, Mask, Regulator, Wetsuit)275 USD
  • Mask25 USD
  • Nitrox tankIncluded
  • Regulator75 USD
  • SMBIncluded
  • Snorkel GearIncluded
  • Wetsuit70 USD


Please include your rental needs when booking!

There are 3-4 dives per day on the Galaxy Diver, with only two dives on the day that the boat makes the long crossing north to Darwin and Wolf islands.

Yes there are a few other liveaboards that cruise the islands. 

For more options, please visit my best liveaboard in Galapagos article.

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