Scubaspa Yin Liveaboard Review 

This exciting Maldives liveaboard is ideal for not only scuba divers but for non-divers too

If you’re searching for a luxury cruise with the most magical diving you could wish for, then this could be the relaxing fusion you’re looking for, but it doesn’t come cheap.

Scubaspa Ying
  • Visits the best spots
  • Spa therapy, from massages to face-masks
  • A jacuzzi with a view
  • It is one of the most expensive options
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With beautiful, white sandy beaches and incredible coral reefs, the Maldives has an abundance of stunning marine life 

Scubaspa Ying on the blue water from above

If you’re looking to mix your diving holiday with some serious relaxation, then the Scubaspa Yin provides a fantastic balance.

The Scubaspa Yin, which is the sister ship to the Scubaspa Yang liveaboard, is a luxury liveaboard cruise. It’s a combination of floating resort full of spa treatments, yoga classes, and fine dining, as well as a floating dive center with visits to some of the most famous dive sites the Indian Ocean has to offer. That includes night dives and fascinating land excursions. 

Both Ying and Yang were launched together in 2013 specifically as dive cruises. This is more than just a simple converted dive boat – it’s a scuba and spa holiday right in the heart of the water.

The Maldives is a bucket list destination for divers, I’d seriously recommend you check out some island fun as well as the beautiful blue waters. Thankfully, the Scubaspa Yin takes you across the best of land and sea.

It is a spacious, modern, award-winning yacht with Sea Star cabin suites – bursting with space and character. Of course, I’ll take you through some of the finer features of the cabins a little further down.

On the boat, you will find two bars, a jacuzzi, a yoga parlour, an outdoor cinema, a gym, dive guides, spa therapists, and an incredible, attentive crew. The reviews don’t lie!

The Scubaspa Ying makes trips year-round, meaning that you can book your diving trip to the Maldives whenever you wish. I recommend diving between August and October if you really want to spot some rays and sharks.



Air Con










Dive Sites

Scuba kit floating in clear water

Taking off from the dive dhoni, the Scubaspa Yin offers an itinerary that’s literally called ‘the best of the Maldives’. Essentially, you’ll get to explore the best dive sites in the area as graded by experts and non-divers alike (e.g. those who just love the scenery!).

One of the great things about the Yin is that the diving package onboard includes frequent dive briefings, as well as the provision of dive sites for beginner divers (even ones on their first dives as certified divers), to sites that are better suited to experienced pros.

The Yin and Yang tend to take it in turns to explore the best of the north and south atolls around the Maldives, meaning it’s well worth checking out the itineraries before you book ahead.

Some of the incredible dive sites you will visit include: 

  • Rasdhoo 

  • Fish Head 

  • Alimatha Reef (night dive) 

These may vary depending on the time of year you get on board, so always check ahead before you book to avoid disappointment. Honestly, I don’t think you could ever really be disappointed out here.

Marine Life

Nurse sharks resting on sand underwater

The Maldives plays host to some of the most spectacular marine life you’ll ever hope to meet. You’ll get the chance to start scuba diving among sharks, rays, colourful reefs and more. Here’s just a few animals you’ll expect to spot on your travels:

  • Whale sharks 

  • Manta rays 

  • Tiger sharks

  • Turtles

  • Leopard Sharks

  • Dolphins

  • Nurse sharks 

  • Healthy reefs

Cabins and Cabin Types

Upon this dive boat, you can choose one of 19 cabins for your stay. 

There are ten spacious Sea Star cabins, and the Cowrie suite, all of which are on the lower deck, each offering a super-comfortable queen-size bed to relax on.

There are also three beautifully designed dolphin suites and four Manta suites. All are situated on the main deck, and have king beds and fantastic sea views! Who knows, you may even come across a whale shark or two while in the comfort of your own cabin.

All of the rooms have air conditioning, a private en suite shower room, and ample space to stretch out in at the end of a day’s dive package.

Manta suite beds on board Scubaspa Ying
Manta Suite
Dolphin Suite on board the Scubaspa Ying
Dolphin Suite

Communal Rooms

person lying down on massage bed on board scubaspa ying
The spa and relaxation facilities that Scubaspa Ying offers is one of the reasons this is such a popular liveaboard choice
  • Charging stations 

  • Leisure deck 

  • Spa & yoga classes (book your spa package before boarding!)

  • Sun deck 

  • Outdoor dining area 

  • Observation deck 

  • Jacuzzi / Hot tub 

  • Bar 


Scubaspa Ying from above with dolphins in blue water
Dolphins are a familiar site around the Maldives

Scubaspa Ying FAQs

Still unsure if the deluxe cabins on board the Bahamas Master are right for you? Here’s a few common queries I’m happy to answer.

You can expect to pay from £272 per day on board the Scubaspa Yin. However, remember that costs may change across the year, as will the dive site itinerary.

With its incredible spa rooms, three buffet-style meals, spacious al fresco restaurant, diving dhoni and attentive dive team and diving instructors, it’s fantastic value. Don’t forget to keep some spending money, of course, if you want to check out the bar or island adventures.

The Scubaspa Ying is suitable for beginner divers as well as experienced and professional divers. It’s also amazingly welcoming for any non-diving partners you may want to bring aboard!

There are spa packages, paddle boards, and kayaks available for those who do not want to dive or even if you just want to miss one diving trip or two! If you want to spend more time exploring the main boat, its treatment rooms and secluded deck, that’s entirely up to you!

The Scubaspa Ying comes with diving gear ready to rent. However, you will need to book it in advance. 

The diving crew is always on hand with everything you need to get down deep into the wonderful dive sites across the Maldives. Try and pack as completely as you can – but if it’s a matter of space and bulk, rent your gear and travel light. Some dive instructors recommend it!

The Scubaspa Ying offers incredible local food, with vegan, vegetarian, and soft drinks available. Take a look at their a la carte menu complete with bar service – try an island barbecue or two – or make sure to settle down for theme evenings such as the boat’s Italian night!

Great food and drink might be just what you need to complete your amazing holiday, whether you’re up for diving or not.

Scubaspa Ying
  • Visits the best spots
  • Spa therapy, from massages to face-masks
  • A jacuzzi with a view
  • It is one of the most expensive options
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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