Ocean Bottle Review- Saving the Ocean One Bottle at a Time..

This Smart Water Bottle Has a Chip and Runs Schemes with Villages to Remove Plastic from the Ocean!

This water bottle is reusable but there’s a lot more to this smart bottle than what meets the eye.

Plastic washing up onto our shores has long exceeded being a problem. It’s now a catastrophe that requires urgent action in order to save our oceans.

It’s common knowledge that plastic ends up in the sea, subsequently killing fish, our planet, ruins our water and the potential of our future.

I have spent a long time looking for movements and organisations that try their utmost to deter single-use plastic bottles. Instead I have searched for those that provide long-term products that don’t result in ocean bound plastic.

That’s where the Ocean Bottle comes in, read my full Ocean Bottle Review. I take a look at how they support local villages abroad, put money into collecting plastic and also use recycled plastic in the bottle itself.

What Type of Water Bottle is Best?

This is something I’ve become well-versed in throughout recent years. The key is to avoid single-use plastic or maybe plastic altogether but that’s where this water bottle stands out from the crowd.

It uses recycled plastic that ended up in the ocean, this is genius and a great way to turn a bad situation into a positive. What’s more, you will be able to enjoy this reusable water bottle as it’s BPA free, keeping you safe, hydrated and healthy.

Wait, there’s more- not only does this bottle tick a lot of boxes due to the recycled plastic but it has a smart chip, supports villages and has created an entire model that wages war against plastic from every angle.

Read on as I talk you through the beauty of Ocean Bottle and their tactics against plastic pollution and the ways they deem to prevent ocean plastic.

Specs/Technical Info

Perfect For: Anybody Who Wants to Save the Oceans with a Long Term, Sustainable Plan! Ideal Bottle to Travel the World with or Everyday Use.


What is the Healthiest Water Bottle to Use?

There have been health concerns that washed up to the surface recently and it revolves around BPA. You’ve most likely heard of it and it’s damaging effects.

Ocean Bottle have ensured that their bottles are BPA-free. Click here for the results and studies on the potential problems that seep into the body from BPA bottles.

Many reports show that one way to stay healthy when drinking from a bottle is to make sure you get a dishwasher safe, bottle free of BPA and also with stainless steel material. Luckily, this bottle has again checked all of the previous.

How Does the Ocean Bottle Perform?

When hearing about all of the work that Ocean Bottle do with Plastic Banks and how they put money into communities, I started to pay attention.

It doesn’t stop there, they also have a chip that has its benefits too. The simple chip can be scanned and allow you to fill up at different checkpoints whilst out at the gym or shopping centre. Moreover, this NFC smart chip then funds the removal of more plastic bottles from the ocean, everytime that you fill up, I’m waiting to hear more on this… Their site is due to release more news.

Before diving head first into the company and the amazing schemes they’re involved in, I wanted to look more into the actual use of the bottle.

It’s no secret that the money spent on this is not cheap. There has to be a reason, well it’s mostly down to what you’re supporting. A sustainable method that can continuously remove ocean bound plastic which this one purchase will then keep you involved in for as long as you fill the bottle.

Furthermore, you can be sure of high quality throughout. It comes with a matte finish that doesn’t sweat, enabling you to get a comfortable grip on the bottle and also unscrew the cup if you like. There are two ways to open the top and the cup is an added bonus whilst you’re out and about.

It is insulated, dishwasher safe, showcases a sleek design and beautiful colours. I opted for the light blue, which like the others comes with an easy carry loop.

Supporting Local Villages Mission

Unfortunately, I’ve seen first-hand, the harm that plastic can do to a village. Whilst in South East Asia, we saw how much of the environment, the ocean and jobs that plastic is destroying.

Lots of people who barely earn enough for their families spend a long time trying to keep their stunning island clean and free of rubbish.

This is what I love about this bottle! They work with locals and provide a wage. Moreover, they collect plastic and work with the Plastic Bank worldwide. This encourages people to collect plastic whilst getting paid to do so, after buying my bottle, this offered more satisfaction to the purchase. What a worthy cause to contribute towards.

Each time a bottle is bought, it contributes to 1000 ocean plastic bottles being removed from the ocean.

Local villages are given an incentive to clean the sea and help remove plastic pollution, giving everybody a win-win situation.

Smart Chip

As briefly discussed it comes with a chip, you can scan this whilst out and about. Every time that you do so, they will contribute more efforts to removing plastic pollution from the ocean.

This is a great touch by the bottle brand, it gives us reusable water when on the move and simultaneously helps contribute to the removal of ocean bound plastic again.

Recycled Plastic

Ocean bound plastic has been made into this reusable water bottle which adds more significance to the design. It’s not all plastic, it is also made of stainless steel, giving it that robust style.

They’re certainly attacking the campaign from every element, using plastic found for the bottles and clearing as much plastic from the sea, finding and recycling plastic bottles.

Dual Opening

Unscrew it from the top or the opening below that one. This allows you to pour into a cup from the bottom opening (2/3s down) or drink from the top opening whilst on the move.

Plus, you will also find a cup that you’d never know is even there without owning the Ocean Bottle.

Pour into the cup, it can come in pretty handy! It is a bottle with a cup!

Anti Leak

For me, this has to be given with any bottle especially when you’re paying a good amount of money. But if you have ever held one of these bottles then you’ll know that you’re getting a bespoke bottle.

I have threw this bottle into my bag during a run, put in my car and also on a boat during a dive, I can happily say that this bottle stands up to the environment.

Easy Carry Loop

Another great innovative yet simple design. Often one that other bottles overlook.

Pick it up and carry with ease, the rubber loop doesn’t just make it easy to transport but adds to the look of this stainless steel beauty.

Buying from OceanBottle.Co

Ocean Bottle is the name and that’s exactly what it is, a bottle designed to be enjoyed above the surface during a dive or on land far from the sea, but either way it plays a pivotal role for our ocean.

It’s a joy to see companies such as this one stand up for what’s right. I’m sick of the gimmicks or brands enduring protocol, I want to see real action and that’s exactly what this company has promised.

Check out their official OceanBottle.co website to find the various colours, types and more on their work with the bottle.

Visit Ocean Bottle’s official site here.


As you can tell from this in-depth Ocean Bottle review, I’m in love with my Ocean Bottle. It is sturdy, reliable and stylish but more than that, it actually makes a difference.

I’m not talking about a difference just for me but for communities, the sea and the way that we recycle plastic. Enjoy a reusable water bottle sure to put a dent in plastic pollution and the single-use water bottles that often find themselves into the ocean.

1000 plastic bottles are removed from the ocean for every Ocean Bottle that is bought! Think about that, pretty impressive aye?

If you enjoyed this review then please show your support too and ditch the old bottles full of BPA and get one of these Ocean Bottle products. If you have one, please let me know about your experience.

Reasons to Buy

  • Pays Communities
  • Collect Plastic from the Ocean
  • Quality Design
  • Sleek Style
  • 1000 Plastic Bottles Taken From the Ocean
  • NFC Smart Chip Contributes to Plastic Removal

Reasons to Avoid

  • Only a 500ml Size But That’s Big Enough for me!

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